Team Report 06-01-05

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Summertime is getting closer, which means it time for some Emerica tours! On Thursday, June 2, Erik Ellington, Heath Kirchart, Kevin “Spanky” Long and Bryan Herman will head up to Canada for the So’Wester Tour. Andrew Reynolds and Leo Romero will join the tour later on.

Speaking of Drew, he’s still busy as a bee editing the Baker video. He also spent last week hanging out with his mom, who was in town visiting from Florida.

Life has been busy for Emerica pro Erik Ellington. He is simultaneously finishing up an interview for Thrasher magazine, filming for the Baker video, and remodeling his house. Erik squeeezed in a little time today to rent a movie and hang out with his mom, who, like Drew’s mom, is also in town visiting.

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Emerica pro Heath Kirchart has finished moving all of his belongings out of his house and into storage, so he’s now officially homeless. He is gearing up to be on the road most of the Summer. Heath has also been skating around LA.

Emerica pro Ed Templeton has been nursing a knee injury that he received at a demo on the Toy Machine West Coast tour. He was skating a pretty harsh obstacle course, slipped out of a noseblunt slide and landed with a lot of pressure on his knee. Ed will be getting an MRI soon to find out the extent of his injury. Good luck, Tempster!

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According to Emerica pro Tosh Townend, he’s just been “living the rasta lifestyle”. He stopped by the Emerica office yesterday and sessioned the Skatepark of Lake Forest for a little while. Tosh and his family are throwing a surprise birthday party tonight for his dad, Peter.

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New York is a great place to party. That’s why Emerica pros Kevin Long, Bryan Herman and Leo Romero, along with Emerica filmer Jon Miner, Brand Marketing Manager Justin Regan, and Team Manager Hal 3000, headed out to the Big Apple last week, where Emerica hosted a party at a bar in downtown Manhattan to celebrate the release of Spanky’s first pro model shoe, The KSL 1.

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Thanks to the open bar, the place was full of people getting pretty sloppy, and by the end of the night, Spanky walked away missing one of his shoes. It was a great night. Kevin went straight back into work mode upon his return to Cali, as he was spotted out filming and shooting photos with Atiba for an interview in an upcoming issue of The Skateboard Mag. Herman stayed out on the East Coast over the weekend and headed to Philly to catch a moto-x race. Bryan’s from Victorville, California, where people love moto-x.

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Well, after filming like crazy over the past few months, Leo Romero’s hard work is going to pay off when the TransWorld First Love video premieres this Friday night at the annual TransWorld Awards in Los Angeles. They have nominated both Leo and Herman for Rookie of the Year. Let’s hope both win!

This past weekend, Emerica pro Chris Senn grabbed his umpteenth contest victory at the Asian X Games in Seoul, South Korea. Nice one, Chris!

Emerica pro Aaron Suski is still in Spain, cruising around the backcountry. He will be flying home this week to chill out for a little bit before heading out on a Volcom tour.

Emerica pro Austin Stephens is heading off on another West Coast trip this week, this time with his clothing sponsor, WE Clothing. Austin will make his way to Portland, Oregon via San Francisco.

Emerica am Braydon Szafranski is a skate rat. He’s on such a mission to make his part the best it can be for the Baker video. You’ll be seeing it soon enough.

Emerica am Matt Allen has been skating around Redlands, where he now lives. The heat is already getting to be unbearable, so Matt has been waiting until the evenings to shred.

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