Travis La

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Travis La
Denver, Colorado

This month, while digging through our stacks of Sponsor Me videos, I stumbled across this little gem that was sent in by Travis La. The first thing that I noticed was that Travis is from Denver, which has really good spots that, in return, produce some really good skaters. After watching this video, I could see that Travis is one of those skaters. He skates with a smooth style and chooses to ride unique terrain, which got me stoked, because I love seeing new spots. As far as Sponsor Me videos go, Travis La’s video is short and sweet. I would have liked to have seen a few more lines and maybe a few more hammers, but overall, Travis rips! Like I said, Denver has a really good crew of skaters, and Travis is definitely a standout in his city. Hopefully, we will be seeing more from him in the near future. —Jeff Henderson

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  1. its funny cause half of the spots he showed were in tucson that fourblock in in end is at the u of a

    eman's Emeritar eman Posted:
  2. kickflip down the big 5 was awesome!

    blinkjt's Emeritar blinkjt Posted:

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