Team Report 06-24-05

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Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds is back in LA after skating around in Philly at Emerica’s Wild in the Streets event on June 21. He is skating a lot, playing guitar and still editing the Baker video, which is scheduled to premiere this August.

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Emerica pro Erik Ellington is finishing up shooting photos for his interview in Thrasher, which will be out in a couple of months. He is also geting his last tricks in for the Baker video.

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Check out the interview Emerica pro Ed Templeton recently scored on TransWorld Skateboarding’s Web site.

Emerica pro Kevin "Spanky" Long is back in LA filming for the Baker video.

Emerica pro Bryan Herman is up in Mammoth Mountain, California on his annual family trip. Bryan is keeping busy mountain biking, fishing and skating the local skateparks.

Emerica pro Tosh Townend is still on tour with Element team. Check the Element Web site to see if they’re coming to a town near you.

Emerica pro Leo Romero and am Matt Allen are still on the Foundation tour right now, travelling the country in a rented RV. To see if Leo and Matt will be in your town, check out Tum Yeto’s Web site.

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Emerica pro Chris Senn just took off for Euope to skate the Bowl Riders contest in Marseilles, France.

Emerica pro Aaron Suski just finished up the Volcom tour, and is now hanging out in Tucson, Arizona for a little while before heading over to Europe on July 5.

Emerica am Braydon Szafranski is flying out to New York right now to meet up with the rest of the Ambiguous clothing team for a demo on Sunday.

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Emerica pro Austin Stephens loved riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle so much, that he decided to cancel his flight home to ride fellow Emerica pro Bryan Herman’s motorcycle back home across the U.S. to California. Along the way, Austin will stop off to visit his kin folk in Indianapolis, Indiana for a week.

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Emerica am Brandon Westgate just finished up his school year, and is going to be staying in New York to finish up filming for his part for the upcoming 5boro video, which is also due out in August.

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