2nd Avenue #5

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2nd Avenue #5

Title: 2nd Avenue Zine
Publisher: Colin Kinniburgh
Issue Number: 5
Date: Spring 2004
Page Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 22
Printing method: Black and white photocopy (with a four-color cover!)
Price: Email the publisher.
Email: the2ndavenuezine at (Use the @ symbol with no spaces around it.)
Web site: 2nd Avenue Zine

Aw, yeah! Here be the fifth issue of 2nd Avenue Zine, straight outta Brooklyn...and sportin’ the traditional (for this zine, anyway) four-color cover, to boot. The rest of you zine makers better step it up and go color, too! Just stop buying food and you can afford it. This latest issue features ’80s vert pro Mike McGill dropping in on a hot Autumn skate shop ad; spot profiles of Bobby’s Bank Ledge in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and an Amazing Bank in the middle of nowhere, France; an interview with photographer Bob Kronbauer; plus the obligatory music / video reviews and a nice photo gallery, as well. It’s all wrapped-up with a hilarious Gonz article called The Best Weekend Ever, Part II: Gonzomania! Good job, Colin! This is a well-put together issue, for sure, and you alls is missin’ out if you don’t getchaself one.

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