Team Report 07-08-05

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Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds is somehow finding time to work on an interview for The Skateboard Mag while continuing non-stop editing duties for the Baker video.

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Emerica pro Heath Kirchart just completed a cross-country motorcycle ride, arriving home from the Harley Tour and Wild in the Streets in Philly. He will be featured in an upcoming Heath’s Harley Tour article in TransWorld Skateboarding.

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Also appearing in that article will be Emerica pros Kevin "Spanky" Long and Bryan Herman, both of whom are still filming for the Baker video and working on upcoming interviews for The Skateboard Mag. Austin Stephens is also back home in Cali and will be in the Harley article, as well.

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Emerica pro Erik Ellington is still finishing up an interview for Thrasher and collecting last-minute footage for the Baker video. Amateur Braydon Szafranski flew out to Las Vegas for the weekend to film another trick for his part in the Baker video, too.

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Emerica pro Tosh Townend has been surfing, playing golf and, of course, skating around Huntington Beach, enjoying a little break in his busy Summer traveling schedule.

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Emerica pro Leo Romero just returned home from the Foundation U.S. tour. The TransWorld First Love video and DVD are in stores now, featuring a full-length part from Leo, so be sure check it out! Oooh, it’s the much-coveted "last part", too.

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Emerica pro Aaron Suski is currently in Prague, Czech Republic for the Mystic Sk8 Cup. He will also enter the Snickers WSR contest in Rotterdam, Holland later this month.

Emerica pro Chris Senn is on the usual European contest circuit this Summer. Last weekend, Chris skated in The World Championships in Munster, Germany, but unfortunately, he slammed pretty hard on his back and will return home to Hawaii a little early to see a chiropractor.

Emerica am Matt Allen is currently filming for the next Foundation video, while Brandon Westgate is set to star in his first Emerica ad next month. If you don’t know who Brandon is, don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough.

Upcoming Events

July 13-23 Emerica travels to Rotterdam, Holland for the Snickers WSR contest.

July 19 Shop appearance at B-Sports in Roosendaal, Holland

July 21 Shop appearance at Burnside Park ’n’ Shop in Deventer, Holland

Riders: Leo Romero, Tosh Townend, Matt Allen, Aaron Suski

Joe Brook From Slap magazine will be shooting an article of the trip.

July 30 SOKA Fest, St. Louis, Missouri

Riders: Leo Romero and Austin Stephens

August 10 Baker video premiere in Hollywood, California

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