Abdias Rivera

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Abdias Rivera
Tampa, Florida

Oh man, you guys are going to be stoked on Abdias Rivera’s Sponsor Me vid! In fact, Emerica started flowing him shoes because of this video. Abdias is a ripper with sick tricks, a clean style and awesome spots. A video like this is really what you need to compare your skating to if you’re trying to get sponsored, as Abdias is on the same level as most of the sponsored ams out there. The difficulty in spots is something you have to look at when you see so many Sponsor Me videos. Abdias shows that he can skate really difficult obstacles and make it look easy. I also like to see skaters who can flip their board down big sets of stairs, which Abdias can obviously do, as well. Good filming and editing is also nice to see. You will definitely be seeing more of Abdias in the future. —Jeff Henderson

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(5) responses to: Abdias Rivera

  1. This guy should definately get sponsored. He is really good.

    Derek Obergfell's Emeritar Derek Obergfell Posted:
  2. hes on foundation now!

    kellar's Emeritar kellar Posted:
  3. skate faster and go bigger! other than that its okay.....

    basly's Emeritar basly Posted:
  4. okay?
    the dude's sponsored by some of the best compaines out there

    deezy's Emeritar deezy Posted:
  5. hey hes sponsored buy foundation

    hecho en emerica's Emeritar hecho en emerica Posted:

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