Kevin "Spanky" Long’s KSL 1

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Emerica pro Kevin "Spanky" Long designed his new namesake pro model shoe, the KSL 1, not only with heavy skating in mind, but also a little ’80s retro b-ball styling thrown in for good measure.

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Kevin wanted a cupsole shoe with slightly thinner padding, but with the superior heel and joint protection of our System G2™ gel insert, plus some personalized details, like the argyle print on the footbed—which matches fine Emerica Apparel items such as the Rushmore hoodie, Freshman sweater, Argyle T-shirt, Trust Fund beanie, Frat Pledge cap and Rich Kids socks—and two detail stripes on the side of the shoe. As they say down in the hood, "When it’s the KSL 1 you’re a-rockin’, all the honeys will be jockin’." Buy a pair today at a skate shop near you.

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