Baker Blowout Month: Win Videos + Boards!

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Guess what the UPS driver dropped off in my office today? That’s right, four brand-Spanky-new glimmering complete Baker Skateboards! Look at them laying there in all their glory: The official shred sleds of Erik Ellington, Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman and Kevin "Spanky" Long.

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One of these pups—plus a copy of the upcoming Baker vid and one pair of Emerica shoes of your choice*—can be yours by winning this simple little contest. Don’t delay, as we will close up shop on this major online event on August 12, 2005.

*That are available on our site.

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  1. yeah for life or till i die in 4 days

    Silas "Atty" Rowland's Emeritar Silas "Atty" Rowland Posted:

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