Team Report 08-15-05

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This past weekend, Emerica pros Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero, Kevin "Spanky" Long and ams Brandon Westgate and Braydon Szafranski hit up spots all around Los Angeles. Atiba Jefferson hooked up with the crew to shoot photos for The Skateboard Mag.

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Emerica pro Erik Ellington has a lot to be happy about. After coming out with a bangin’ part in the new Baker 3 video, Erik and his wife Luciana are getting ready to have a baby boy next month.

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In other stork news, Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds and his wife Christianna are getting ready to be parents, as well. They are expecting a baby girl in October.

It really sucks when you drive a couple of hours to get to a skate spot, just get warmed up and then get kicked out by the police as soon as you start trying your trick. That was Emerica pro Heath Kirchart’s misfortune yesterday on a photo mission in San Diego. Seems he’s been filming a lot with Alien Workshop filmer Greg Hunt lately.

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Emerica pro Ed Templeton is busy at work on a new book and is also getting ready for a couple of art shows in Europe.

We’ll soon find out who this year’s King of the Road victor is. With Emerica pro Tosh Townend in the Element van, there’s a good chance they will win it! The Tour ends this coming Saturday in New York.

Emerica pro Bryan Herman has been spending time with his family this weekend in Victorville. The Hermanator partied for two days straight after the Baker premiere, and he had good reason: He got the last part!

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Are you wondering what Emerica pro Leo Romero did with the $5000 he won at the Soka Fest a few weeks back in St. Louis? Well, Leo is the proud owner of a brand-new Leica M7 camera. He went out and paid cash for his new rig last week. Those things aren’t cheap! In case you didn’t know, Leo loves to take photos.

Emerica pro Aaron Suski just flew out to California this weekend. He will be skating a couple of Birdhouse demos this week before jumping in a van with the Birdhouse team to drive up to Vancouver for Slam City Jam. You can check out Suski and the rest of the Birdhouse team at Copelands in Bakersfield, California on August 17 and Sun Diego in Carlsbad, California on August 18.

Emerica am Matt Allen has been hanging out in Long Beach, California with some friends and skating all over SoCal.

Emerica pro Chris Senn has recovered from an ankle injury he got while skating a contest in Europe this Summer. He is stoked to be back on his board. Senn will be skating at the Dew Action Sports Tour contest in Portland, Oregon this weekend.

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