Josh Swyers

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Josh Swyers
Richmond, Virginia

This month, we have a Sponsor Me tape coming out of Richmond, Virginia from Josh Swyers. Josh just turned 17 and has been skating for five years. His skating is very unique and he looks very comfortable on his board. Josh has a big bag of tricks and looks like he can adapt to any kind of obstacle put in front of him. Some of the tricks in this video could have been left out, like the 50-50 fingerflip Boneless One, which is more of a circus trick than something that should be included in a Sponsor Me video. But, it shows that Josh is having fun, which is what skating is all about. The pole jam to manual and the pole jams over the stairs are sick, and the wall ride down the nine stair at the end of the video is pretty gangster. Thanks for the video, Josh. You just earned yourself a pair of brand spankin’ new pair of Emerica shoes. —Jeff Henderson

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(6) responses to: Josh Swyers

  1. sickkkkkkk

    kit's Emeritar kit Posted:
  2. i worship this guy

    ajhasteez's Emeritar ajhasteez Posted:
  3. he should have gotten flow this is the kind of skatboarding that is fun to watch who cares if hes not switch frontside flipping down 15 stairs

    truth's Emeritar truth Posted:
  4. If this mothafucker aint sponcerd by now there is somethin wrong..No shit a baddass guy.. we gotta play skate!!

    Nick's Emeritar Nick Posted:
  5. he was flow at one time but then he got kicked off for some reason. im not really sure why. he dont live but like 10 minutes from me. but ive never really gotten around to asking him why he was dropped.

    StaySteezy55's Emeritar StaySteezy55 Posted:
  6. He is sponsored by my local shop Dominion Skateboards.

    Dome's Emeritar Dome Posted:

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