Team Report 09-29-05

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Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds is eagerly awaiting the birth of his baby. The due date is October 12. Andrew said he had an epic guitar jam session with Spanky today.

Emerica pro Ed Templeton has been staying busy painting for an upcoming art show in January. He has also been hitting up the Huntington Beach skatepark and rehabbing his knee. Ed will be going on an East Coast Toy Machine Tour with Austin Stephens in October.

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New father and Emerica pro Erik Ellington has been hanging out with his newborn son, Julius Luther, who came home from the hospital last week. Erik and and his wife Lucy are getting adjusted to being parents.

Emerica pro Heath Kirchart is heading up to Sacramento for the weekend with Alien Workshop filmer Greg Hunt. When he returns, he’ll be moving into the Emerica Mansion II with fellow Emerica riders Kevin “Spanky” Long, Leo Romero and filmer Jon Miner.

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Speaking of Spanky and Leo, they just got back from Japan, where they went on a RVCA trip. Spanky is heading up to Sacramento this weekend with Heath.

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Emerica pro Bryan Herman and am Matt Allen have been spending a lot of time at home in Victorville, California. You’d stay home, too, if you had perfect hubbas and a skatepark in your backyard. Herman just finished building a 250cc moto-x bike in his garage and has been riding it around the desert.

Emerica pro Tosh Townend is on an Element Tour through Europe right now. It’s almost over, with one more stop in Paris, France on October 1.

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Emerica pro Aaron Suski is in New York right now, skating with some friends and filming for the upcoming Birdhouse video. Suski will be going out to Australia in October on a TransWorld Trip with photographer Mike O’Meally.

Emerica pro Chris Senn is hanging loose at home in Hawaii. Surfing and skating the local parks is his daily regimen, along with spending time with his family.

East coast ripper and Emerica am Brandon Westgate has been holding it down in his hometown of Wareham, Massachusetts, skating the local park and chillin’ with his friends. Brandon will be heading down to New York this weekend to shoot photos with Brian Uyeda for a New Jack article he’s working on for The Skateboard Mag.

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Emerica am Braydon Szafranski went on a skate mission up to Reno, Nevada last weekend with some friends. Now he’s back in LA and will be shredding some local spots this weekend.

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