For Fun Zine No. 8

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For Fun Zine #8

Title: For Fun Zine
Claudio "Kacky"
Issue Number:
8 (May 2005)
Page Size:
5.5" x 8.5"
Page Count:
Printing method:
Black and white photocopy.
Email: (Replace "at" with the @ symbol.)
Web Site: For Fun Zine

This might be the eighth issue of For Fun Zine, but it’s the first one ever for me! I’ll drink to that! (Hiccup!) First up, let’s tackle the title. For Fun? You mean you don’t skate for money, fame or "chicks"? Ha-ha-ha. Just kiddin’. That’s a sweet title. It reminds me of a few ’80s skate ’zine monikers. Next, let’s admire that impressive 3-D logo treatment. Nice Photoshop (or Illustrator) work! Then there’s the plethora of skate and "lifestyle" shots from all over the Ft. Collins and Denver, Colorado areas, where this ’zine is based. And with a Spot Check on the Westminster Bowl, a funny Trick Tip on the ever-elusive sitting down kickflip, a big Photo Gallery and much more, you’re sure to come out a winner for the always attractive price tag of FREE. Nice work, Claudio! Keep it up!

P.S. The For Fun Zine Web site is crackin’, too. Don’t miss it!

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