DJ Fort

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DJ Fort
Webb City, Missouri

Listen up, kids. School is in session! Webb City, Missouri’s own DJ Fort submitted the standout Sponsor Me tape this month! Now, this is what a Sponsor Me tape should look like! Fifteen-year old DJ is a ripper, plain and simple. His video got me so stoked. You can tell just by his style that this kid is awesome, and the sick tricks he throws down proves he’s got potential. I’ve got nothing negative to say about DJ’s skating. As far the video itself goes, it’s pretty well-made. There are a couple of shots in which the filmer used a lens that looked like the windshield of a car after driving cross country, with bugs all over it. It’s disgusting. This wasn’t DJ’s fault, I just wanted to call out the filmer for not cleaning the lens. Next time, wipe it off before you start filming. Okay, enough about that. Remember the name DJ Fort. I have a feeling this kid is going places. Thanks for the video, DJ! You’ve just earned yourself a free pair of Emerica shoes! —Jeff Henderson

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(8) responses to: DJ Fort

  1. This kid was pretty sick, keep it up man.

    Josh 's Emeritar Josh Posted:
  2. y tha hel didnt u sponsor him.that kid was amzing

    baker2435's Emeritar baker2435 Posted:
  3. this kid was if not the best, one of the best people that have sponsor videos. Wow you guys should sponsor him. Great job DJ :)

    bakersgreat's Emeritar bakersgreat Posted:
  4. Wow you guys should sponsor him. Hes got if not one of the best, the best sponsor vid that i've seen on here. Great job man :)

    bakersgreat's Emeritar bakersgreat Posted:
  5. shit was sick. didnt he come to iowa with you guys

    blazeface's Emeritar blazeface Posted:
  6. Dj is gnar he is wayyyyyyyy better now

    Fonzo's Emeritar Fonzo Posted:
  7. that nigga was crunk.i saw some better shit of his on its fern.

    bob's Emeritar bob Posted:
  8. dj's form my home town of joplin missouri and stoked to see the clips he has in stay gold!!

    aaron wawra's Emeritar aaron wawra Posted:

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