Dillon Aguilar

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Dillon Aguilar
Savannah, Missouri

This month’s Sponsor Me Video comes from 16-year-old Dillon Aguilar of Savannah, Missouri. Dillon put together a really good vid with a wide variety of tricks and lines. Skaters who can ride all different types of terrain are the ones I am the most stoked on watching, and Dillon’s vid has it all: manuals, rails, ledges and stairs. I think he could have taken out a few tricks, though, as there were several front boards down 10 that were cool, but that is pretty much a warm-up trick. You gotta remember that when I watch a Sponsor Me Video, I am comparing your footage to the Emerica team’s skating. If you want to get sponsored by Emerica, you have to be on the same level as the team. Dillon also has front feebles down, which is a really hard trick, and the 50-50 down the flat kink 11 stair rail was gnarly and impressive. Some of the lines looked a little slow, so I would encourage Dillon to try and skate a little faster. Speed is one of the things I comment on a lot in these reviews, and for good reason: the faster you skate, the more exciting it looks, and it shows you really have a lot of board control. I’m not saying that all of Dillon’s footage looks slow, just a few things. Overall, I’m stoked on Dillon’s footage and I’m happy to hook him up with a free pair of Emerica shoes! Thanks for sending in your video, Dillon. —Jeff Henderson

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  1. nice sk8ing man,i have the same last name

    Marco's Emeritar Marco Posted:
  2. sweet second!

    hecho en emerica's Emeritar hecho en emerica Posted:

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