Team Report 12-01-05

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Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds has been skating around Los Angeles whenever he gets the chance. Most of his time right now goes to taking care of his baby, Stella, and playing his guitar while he’s hanging out at home.

Emerica pro Heath Kirchart is laid up right now, but not from a skateboard injury. He was hit by a car this week while crossing the street in front of the Emerica Mansion II, where he now lives. The traffic was stopped, so Heath cut through two cars. But when he ran past the second lane, another car came from around the side and didn’t see him. It hit Heath, and he bounced off the windshield, which broke, and he continued to fly over the car.

Heath was conscious for the whole thing, and he remembers flying through the air wondering what the hell was going on. He ended up breaking his collarbone and got some cuts on his face. Heath’s upper leg took most of the impact, but luckily, it didn’t break. He’s a lucky guy, considering his injuries could have been a lot worse.

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Heath is currently resting up in the Bahamas with Emerica pro Kevin “Spanky” Long and comedian Leo Romero at the moment. Word has it they’re all hanging out at an Emerica sales meeting with all the Emerica sales reps and distributors, as well as checking out all of the aquariums, waterslides, and, of course, casinos the area has to offer.

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Emerica pro Bryan Herman also had a misfortunate accident this week when he got a compound fracture in his leg while riding his dirt bike out in the high desert. We’d like to wish Herman a speedy recovery.

Emerica pro Ed Templeton is plugging away on paintings for an upcoming art show in January. He’s also skating when he can.

Emerica pro Aaron Suski is still busy skating around the Tucson, Arizona area. Slap photographer Joe Brook is heading out to Tucson next week to shoot Suski for an interview.

Emerica pro Austin Stephens has been skating all over the Los Angeles area lately.

Emerica am Braydon Szafranski is skating again after a foot injury he suffered a little while back while shooting an interview for The Skateboard Mag.

Emerica am Matt Allen is hanging out in Victorville, California, skating the park in his backyard and going on filming missions with friends for the upcoming Foundation video. Matt also just finished a “Firing Line” article for Thrasher.

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Emerica am Brandon Westgate is in BroCal right now, skating with the Birdhouse team. Brandon will be in Cali until December 13, when he flies to Japan for a Birdhouse trip.

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