Team Report 12-08-05

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Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds was out filming this past weekend with filmer, Jon Miner. He’s has also been drinking a lot of coffee and hanging out with his daughter, Stella. Andrew is stoked because Stella is starting to smile.

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Emerica pros Heath Kirchart, Kevin “Spanky” Long and Leo Romero just got home from a little mini-vacation out to the Bahamas. Heath is recovering from the injuries he received when he got hit by a car a couple of weeks back.

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While in te Bahamas, Spanky got to spend a little quality time with all the dolphins down that way. Just like their human counterparts, the female dolphins took quite a liking to Spanky, and one of them even gave him a little peck on the cheek! We have photographic proof. Spanky’s such a dolphin magnet!

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As soon as Leo got home, he took his driving test and passed with flying colors. If you live in the Los Angeles area, stay off the sidewalks, because Leo is now legal to drive!

Emerica pro Ed Templeton just recently gave the Toy Machine Web site a facelift. Go check it out!

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Emerica pro Bryan Herman is pretty much living on his couch and playing video games with his friends. His leg is in a cast for a while, so he has to stay off of it.

Emerica pro Austin Stephens will be skating in a WE Clothing demo this coming Sunday, December 11 at the WESC Distribution Center, 8641 Hayden Place, Culver City, California 90232. Austin also got an interview posted up at Active Mailorder, so be sure to peep that.

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Emerica pro Aaron Suski is still kicking it in Tucson, Arizona, shooting photos with Joe Brook for his upcoming Slap interview. Suski has been killing it lately, and all the coverage he’s been getting proves it. For example, check his two-page Volcom ad in the January 2006 TransWorld Skateboarding. Keep it up, Suski!

Emerica am Matt Allen just recently got a new puppy. Her name is Sabbath, and she’s a little Boston terrier. Matt’s stoked! He’s been chillin’ in Victorville, getting the new pup acquainted with the household.

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Emerica am Braydon Szafranski just shot a photo for his next Baker ad this past weekend. He will be skating around the L.A. area this coming weekend.

Emerica am Brandon Westgate flew out to California last week to hang out and film. He just went surfing this morning for the first time in his life, and even managed to stand up and ride a wave for a bit. He was stoked. Brandon will be heading up to San Francisco this weekend on a filming trip with Spanky.

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