Zine Review: Self-Educated #8

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Title: Self-Educated

Publisher: Steve Ayers

Issue Number: #8, September 2005

Page Size: 5.5" x 8.5"

Page Count: 12

Printing method: Black and white photocopy

Price: Email (Replace "at" with the @ symbol.)

Looks like Self-Educated has gone on a diet since the last issue, seeing as how the page size (and count) has shrank a bit. The layout and printing quality is looking as rough and early ’80s than ever, as well, but that ain’t a bad thing. Most homemade zines don’t usually aspire to attain the polished car look anyway. That’s what "real" skate magazines are for.

Anyhow, issue #8 contains a nice lil’ helping of random stories and photos, and there’s even a fold-out, which kind of startled me. I think Steven really needs to quit work, school and contributing to said real mags so he can concentrate full-time on making the next issue of Self-Educated blow doors on all comers. Here’s looking forward to issue #9, Steven. Bring it on!

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