Erik + Tosh Part Ways With Emerica

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As all of you Emerica Disinformation Newsletter subscribers have officially known for a week, on January 1, 2006, team riders Erik Ellington and Tosh Townend will be leaving Emerica to pursue other opportunities. Over the years, these two have helped in a big way to make Emerica the well-oiled skate machine it is today.

We would like to wish both Erik and Tosh all the best with their future efforts. Never fear, skate addicts, because Emerica has some brand-new and highly anticipated pro model shoes coming from team riders Bryan Herman and Leo Romero, as well as a nifty flashback item from the Boss that will keep the radness rolling in 2006!

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  1. Where the hell are they goin?

    hannahxrawr's Emeritar hannahxrawr Posted:

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