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2nd Avenue #4

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2nd Avenue #2

Title: 2nd Avenue Zine
Publisher: Colin Kinniburgh
Issue Number: 4
Date: Spring 2004
Page Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 22
Printing method: Black and white photocopy (with a four-color cover!)
Price: Email the publisher.
Email: the2ndavenuezine at (Use the @ symbol with no spaces around it.)

The publisher of 2nd Avenue Zine, Colin Kinniburgh, went all out on his fourth issue, what with adornin’ it with a four-color cover ‘n’ all. (Jeez, that must have cost a month of lunch monies.) The overall presentation of this pub is quite a bit more professional than your average skate zine, featuring actual computer ’typeset’ text and coherent design.

Issue 4 is all over the place, going for a random New York City street session between publisher Colin and Caswell Berry, Jerry Hsu, Alex Parker and our very own Spanky; an interview with Tony Trujillo; video reviews of all the latest, most popular flicks (Flip Really Sorry, 5boro Word of Mouth, Chocolate Hot Chocolate, Anti-Hero Tent City); the obligatory music reviews; a hot little launch ramp called The Dannyboy!; and the highlight: a blow-by-blow report on Emerica’s highly illegal Wild in the Streets skate pot tour (with hundreds of kids in tow) through the thoroughfares of New York City.

Overall, 2nd Avenue Zine is a very well-done affair, and any self-respecting zine collector will make sure to acquire a copy.

Tampa Ampa!

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Or: Emerica Flattens Florida

Well, it was time to make the annual pilgrimage to the Tampa Am contest. Instead of heading straight to Tampa, though, we decided to start out in Miami for a few days to skate and film at some of the many awesome spots that city has to offer. Emerica pros Leo Romero, Kevin "Spanky" Long and ams Braydon Szafranski and Matt Allen; along with Emerica Team Manager Justin Regan and myself, Emerica Team Assistant Jeff Henderson; flew out to Miami to join up-and-coming Emerica Am Brandon Westgate and Thrasher photographer Patrick O’Dell. Enjoi pal Jerry Hsu also tagged along with us. Continue>>

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