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Team Report 08-02-05

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Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds has finally finished editing the Baker video, which is set to premiere August 10 in Hollywood. Andrew, Erik Ellington, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Bryan Herman and Braydon Szafranski worked really hard on their parts, so they are finally able to relax a little bit now that it’s done.

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Leo Wins Soka Fest!

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We here at Emerica would like to congratulate team rider Leo Romero for shredding his way into 1st place at the Soka Fest Best Trick contest on July 30 in St. Louis, Missouri, beating out the likes of Billy Marks, Chris Cole, Jamie Thomas and a slew of other heavy hitters, and taking home a cool $5,000 for his troubles.

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As you may remember, Leo placed 7th at the Snickers contest in Rotterdam, Holland two weeks ago. (See photo above.) Kid is on fire! Between these two events, Leo had just enough time to visit Emerica World Headquarters to work on a top-secret project that you are going to be stoked on.