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You Interview Spanky!

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Now’s the time for number nine in our ongoing series of Emerica Blab interviews in which you, the ever-loyal Kids, get to ask your favorite Emerica team rider that burning question you’ve always wanted to know.

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This month’s subject is Emerica pro Kevin "Spanky" Long—the newest team member with a pro model shoe, the KSL 1. Without further ado, get your bad self into the Blabs section and ask away. Before you ask anything, however, be sure to read Spanky’s bio and interview first! Also, please keep your questions short and to the point.

Guess the Photo Contest!

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Win one FREE Baker complete logo skateboard and one FREE pair of Emerica shoes! What the hell is that big Emerica contraption in the photo? Everyone who provides the correct answer will be entered into a list. When the contest ends, we will choose one winner at random from that list, who will receive one complete Baker logo skateboard* and one pair of Emerica shoes of their choice. The contest ends on July 15, 2005, so, put on your thinking beanies and get busy! *Rare colorway. Only 25 were made!