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Emerica Iowa Demo This Friday, April 8!

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The Blabsters have spoken, and Emerica has listened! You guys said there are too many demos in California and not enough demos elsewhere. Well, maybe you’ll feel like coming out to meet Emerica team riders Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Erik Ellington, Kevin Long and Leo Romero this coming Friday, April 8 at Subsect Skates in West Des Moines, Iowa? The Emerica team will be at the shop at 5:00 p.m. to sign autographs and say hello to Iowa’s skateboard population. From there, the party will move to Skate South for an Emerica demo at approximately 8:00 p.m. Do you have anything else going on that night out there in those blustery cornfields? Thought not!

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Even though we’d like to, Emerica can’t make it to every city, state or country every single year. But we do what we can, and this one is for all of you Kids out there in Iowa (and surrounding states). For those of you not "fortunate" enough to live in Iowa, don’t think we’re not thinking of you, too. We may just be visiting your state next. Here’s the info for this Friday’s Emerica signing and demo:

Emerica Signing at Subsect Skates

Friday, April 8, 5:00 p.m.

West Des Moines, Iowa

Emerica demo at Skate South immediately following the signing!

For more info, contact Subsect Skates (see below). Hope to see you there!

Subsect Skates

401 Maple ST

West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

(515) 279-4237

Skate South

1054 County Line RD

Des Moines, Iowa

(515) 285-6037

Team Report 03-30-05

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Emerica pro Heath Kirchart’s interview in the brand-new issue 14 of The Skateboard Mag has finally dropped, and it is insane! Fellow Emerica teammate Ed Templeton conducted the interview, which brings out interesting sides of Heath the public has never experienced before. (Especially considering Heath has rarely ever spoken in any of his past "interviews", which were almost completely filled with photos.) It’s pretty funny to read this new interview, and the photos are amazing, as well. Nice work, Heath!

Also in the same issue of The Skateboard Mag, Emerica pro Leo Romero got some photos in an article about a random little four-day trip to Hawaii with Justin Eldridge. Leo has been filming his part for TransWorld’s upcoming video, First Love, which will be out this Summer.

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New Aussie DVD: Killself!

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All you Aussie Kids, or you fans of anything down under, better scope the new Killself DVD, featuring Australian Emerica rider Matty Johnston. It’s all about the mates (Australian for "bros") down there, and this here flick is definitely not a local shop video, a griptape team epic, a video magazine, nor a desperate "sponsor me" plea. Rather, Killself brings together an array of Australia’s finest modern street skaters. The package includes two posters and there’s even a full 30 minutes of extra footage to keep you amused. Check it out.

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Team Report 03-23-05

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The Emerica Pharmacy Boardshop demos that just went down this past weekend in Victorville and Fontana, California were insane! Emerica pros Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Erik Ellington, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Bryan Herman, Leo Romero, Austin Stephens and am Matt Allen all rolled out for the demos and autograph signings.

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