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A Free Copy of THAW Can Be Yours!

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Hey Kids, enter right now to win a free copy of Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland! No Levels. No Loadtimes. Just never-ending action that doesn’t stop until you leave the game! For the first time ever on a Hawk game, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland gives you the freedom to skate—with Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds and plenty of others—or bike throughout a rich, expansive environment.

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And check those new 2006 Emerica shoes and threads in the game’s skate shop! Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland hits stores on October 18 and is available on PlayStation®2, Xbox™, Nintendo® GameCube™ and Xbox 360™.

DJ Fort

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DJ Fort
Webb City, Missouri

Listen up, kids. School is in session! Webb City, Missouri’s own DJ Fort submitted the standout Sponsor Me tape this month! Now, this is what a Sponsor Me tape should look like! Fifteen-year old DJ is a ripper, plain and simple. His video got me so stoked. You can tell just by his style that this kid is awesome, and the sick tricks he throws down proves he’s got potential. I’ve got nothing negative to say about DJ’s skating. As far the video itself goes, it’s pretty well-made. There are a couple of shots in which the filmer used a lens that looked like the windshield of a car after driving cross country, with bugs all over it. It’s disgusting. This wasn’t DJ’s fault, I just wanted to call out the filmer for not cleaning the lens. Next time, wipe it off before you start filming. Okay, enough about that. Remember the name DJ Fort. I have a feeling this kid is going places. Thanks for the video, DJ! You’ve just earned yourself a free pair of Emerica shoes! —Jeff Henderson

For Fun Zine No. 8

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For Fun Zine #8

Title: For Fun Zine
Claudio "Kacky"
Issue Number:
8 (May 2005)
Page Size:
5.5" x 8.5"
Page Count:
Printing method:
Black and white photocopy.
Email: (Replace "at" with the @ symbol.)
Web Site: For Fun Zine

This might be the eighth issue of For Fun Zine, but it’s the first one ever for me! I’ll drink to that! (Hiccup!) First up, let’s tackle the title. For Fun? You mean you don’t skate for money, fame or "chicks"? Ha-ha-ha. Just kiddin’. That’s a sweet title. It reminds me of a few ’80s skate ’zine monikers. Next, let’s admire that impressive 3-D logo treatment. Nice Photoshop (or Illustrator) work! Then there’s the plethora of skate and "lifestyle" shots from all over the Ft. Collins and Denver, Colorado areas, where this ’zine is based. And with a Spot Check on the Westminster Bowl, a funny Trick Tip on the ever-elusive sitting down kickflip, a big Photo Gallery and much more, you’re sure to come out a winner for the always attractive price tag of FREE. Nice work, Claudio! Keep it up!

P.S. The For Fun Zine Web site is crackin’, too. Don’t miss it!

Emeritalia: Emerica Italy Tour!

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Emerica Image

Emerica pros Kevin” Spanky” Long, Bryan Herman, Leo Romero and am Brandon Westgate are flying out to Turkey on Monday on an Emerica trip. We will be skating around Istanbul for a week, including an informal demo on October 15. We don’t know the exact location yet, but stay tuned around town closer to that date and you should be able to find us.

After that, we head to Italy for the Emeritalia Tour. Skateboarder magazine photographer Brian Gaberman will be on the trip working his magic, so an epic article is sure to result. Join us at the following times and locations:

October 17 The Spot Skatepark in Ostia Lido, Roma

October 19 Skatepark Parkco S. Pietro in Forli

October 20 Skatepark Prati Del Palvera in Bolzano

October 22 Stazione Centrale in Milano