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Sender Information: Emerica.
Sent by: Webnerd
Lake Forest Rock City, California

Recipient Information:
Mr. Chase Wilson

Sent via: site review.
Return Receipt Not Needed.
Re: Infringements of Bunghole.

I write as the Webnerd of Emerica.

As you are no doubt aware, Emerica owns all of the rights to the Web site series entitled Bunghole. These rights are protected by numerous copyright trademarks for both the site itself and the images, code and other elements appearing in those programs.

We have recently learned that you have used various elements of the Bunghole properties on your site at For example, we refer to the layout of your site, as well as the source code. Your use of these items is an infringement of Emerica’s rights to the Bunghole properties.

Based upon the foregoing, we hereby demand that your confirm to us in writing within ten (10) days of receipt of this review that: (1) You will put more more photographs of this girl on your site; and (2) you will provide us with her email address so we can cybermack her.

The foregoing is without a waiver of any and all rights of Emerica, all of which are expressly reserved herein.

Very truly yours,


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  1. I got a new site. It's for skateboard photographers. How bout a little props Emerica!

    Chase's Emeritar Chase Posted:

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