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Google Reader

Q: What is this Google Reader thing?
A: It allows you to subscribe and read RSS feeds from all kinds of sites.

Q: What the hell is an RSS feed?
A: It’s a really nerdy Web format that keeps you updated about what’s going on with sites without having to visit them.

Q: So how do I get this Google Reader thing?
A: It’s FREE, and you don’t need to download anything. It runs in your browser. Just visit the page! All you need is a Gmail account (If you don’t have one, leave a comment in the Blabs, and I will hook ya up.)

Q: Okay, I signed up. Now what?
A: Subscribe to the Emerica RSS Feed! (This link opens in Google Reader, so make sure to sign in first!) Just click on "Subscribe" once it shows up!

Q: Then what?
A: Every time we update the Emerica site, the Google Reader will know and show you the news item! From here, you can click and go to the Emerica site and leave comments.

Q: Why should I do this Google Reader thing if I can just visit the site?
A: Well, the cool thing about the Reader is that you can subscribe to multiple Web sites, if they have an RSS feed. So, just by using the Google Reader, you can read all the latest news from other sites in one spot!

Q: Oh cool. What other skateboard sites have RSS feeds?
A: Here’s a few. The links open in Google Reader:

Q: Does Baker have an RSS feed?
A: No, their Web site is old-fashioned and needs a real web nerd, like me!

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