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KM Skate

Some Blabber asked me to review Kauai Media Skate.

I’ve never even heard of this site, so let’s do a "play by play" as I visit it.

Splash page with Flash. Bah, what is this, 1996? Just take me to the content, already! -1.

Wait, what’s that small line on the bottom? "Best viewed with screen resolution of 1024 x 768, Firefox browser, Flash and QuickTime." Sweet! They support the best browser ever!+1.

The navigation shows four buttons on the top with crappy, hand-drawn pictures. I like. +1.

The latest News is in an iframe. iframes suck. It breaks browsing. -1.

Let’s read some of the skate and video news. Kameron, you shouldn’t publish your email address, yo! It’s better to make a simple contact form to prevent spam, etc. -1.

Let’s check some of the clips. Erf, they’re in a pop-up window: -1.

That box and bench set-up is awesomely crappy, though! That rules: +1.

Hmmm, let’s see. What’s under Media? Yes! More crappy movies: +1.

About section. Ah, now I know what Kauaiiaiauiaiaiaii is. It’s one of them Hawaiian islands with awesome beaches and lots of chicks in hula skirts! (We got one of those chicks working here at Emerica. She’s hottt!) +1

Finally, the Links. WHAT? No links to the Emerica site? -1.

So, lets check the final score for KM Skate: -1+1+1-1-1-1+1+1+1-1 = 0!

Let’s hope Kameron doesn’t have a big Samoan brother, cuz he will probably kick my ass after giving his little brother’s site a big fat zero!

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