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LighTight was mentioned in a comment on the éS Blog, and I instantly put it on my watch list.

The design of this photo blog is very minimal and features absolutely amazing photos shot in and around Atlanta by Ryan Flynn. Not only skate photos, but also awesome artsy fartsy ones. And there are so many! I spent days in the archives. (Justin almost fired my ass for not gettin’ any work done.)

What’s funny about the comments on the photo blog is that most are from other photo nerds: "Nice composition and saturation. Are you using an SLR?" There are not too many comments about the actual skating.

I talked to one of the Emerica shoe designers who is also from ATL, and he told me that Ryan used to travel through Africa, where he shot photos and enjoyed a nice case of malaria.

Well, I’m glad that Ryan is back taking skate photos, and I dunno if he has done work for any of the skateboard magazines, but someone should hook this guy up with a feature already!

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