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Blabber jim-e merica tipped me to review TennSkate. So let’s go check it out...

The Site layout is a bit wack and for some reason slowed down my computer, but since they didn’t use tables and iframes—which is a very good thing, points for that!—I was able to turn off the stylesheets with my super nerdy Web Developer Toolbar and I could concentrate on nothing but the content.

I feel like this site really belongs in the Video Review section, cuz the clips they have on TennSkate are awesome! Nice lines, too (I LOVE to see people skate lines). And the pink robot rules! I want to see it skate in the next clip!

They have some awesome spots there in Tennessee. The plaza with the black and white tiles looks dope (Is that even in Tennessee?). That skatepark in Chattanooga (funniest name everrrrrrrrrr!) looks rad. Hell, I don’t even know where Chattanoogy is! I should look it up on a map. Also, before I forget, Imma tell Justin to send the Emerica team down to Chattapoopa!

To the guys who made the site (R.J. & Mark?); fix the site a bit up and get that camera fixed, cuz I wanna see more footy! And send me the vid when its done!

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  1. Chattown's dee sheeeet

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