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TheDoors: Name one trick you aren’t able to do.

RasaLibre4Life: What do you look for in a shoe? Which Emerica shoe is your favorite at the moment?
I like a good, thin shoe with a vulcanized outsole. Right now, I ride the Reynolds 3.

This Is Emerica: What injury did you get during the filming of Good & Evil? How did it happen?
I got three different injuries. I broke three bones in the arch of my right foot, I got my appendix taken out, and I sprained and tore ligaments in my left ankle—all within one year.

abec-1: Do you like to eat?
(Laughs) Yeah, I like to eat Thai, Indian and Mediterranean food—all vegetarian.

abec-1: Do you ever like to fall on soft surfaces on purpose?
(Laughs) Yeah, I do. It’s always fun to fall around on stuff like sand and grass.

abec-1: What’s your favorite part about demos and signings?
I like meeting all the kids at demos and autograph signings. That’s what it’s all about, just spreading the word of skateboarding.

CrackKilledMyGoat: When are you gonna settle down and start a family?
When I meet the right girl.

CrackKilledMyGoat: Did you ever have to work at a fast food place or something to keep your skate dream alive?
Yeah I worked several jobs. I bought my first skateboard with money I saved from working in a cornfield, then I worked in a warehouse shipping used medical equipment and computers to third world countries, then I worked in a movie theater, then at Active Ride Shop in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

zapEmerican: Who would win in a fight, a hippo or a shark?
(Laughs) I d say a shark, because they’re faster.

Chomponthis: I know you like Jack Kerouac and JD Salinger. What other authors or books do you like?
Walt Whitman, William Blake, Henry Miller and Mark Twain. I like this book called the Tao Te Ching. It means a lot to me, I read it ever day. I also read the Bible and the Dhammapada.

Bakerrr6856: What is the hardest trick for you?
I don’t know, they’re all hard.

Crazaalex: What do you look for in a girl? Are you currently dating?
I’m not currently dating, but I do have a girl interest at the moment. I look for someone who isn’t afraid to be individual and unique, someone who enjoys reading, watching movies and shares similar interests in music and art.

Spanky_Tom: What do you think of Leo Romero? Do you like to skate with him?
Yeah, I like to skate wirth him a lot. Leo’s a funny kid, and he’s really good and motivating to skate with.

all emerican: Do you have a MySpace page?

KOP: How long after surgery did it take you to get "back into your groove?" It seems you never left, cuz you still threw down a solid part for Toy Machine’s Good & Evil.

I went immediately from surgery onto the Good & Evil Summer tour, literally straight from the hospital to the airport. Two weeks into the tour, I sprained my ankle, which took me out for a while. I was out for a couple of months total.

Foundationskater: Hey, did you ever have one of those lil’ skate crews? If so, what was the name of it?
We had a group of friends who skated together. It never really had a name, but one of the older guys from town had a crew called the Disposable Heroes, and he kind of considered us part of that.

BoardBreaker: Do you find some of Ed’s photos disturbing?
(Laughs) No, not so much disturbing as intersesting.

s i x thunders: What’s your ethnicity?
Dutch, English and Native American Indian.

ThemightyF: Who is your favorite am that’s comin’ up?
Matt Bennett, Dylan Reider.

ThemightyF: What have you done down El Toro?

Sloppy Joe: Do you like sloppy joes?

emerican retard: Where do you get your sweet hats?
I buy them all over the place when I’m traveling. When I come across one I like, I buy it. There’s also a local hat shop in Long Beach called the Village Hat Shop where I buy hats sometimes.

HermanFan3: In the Good & Evil bonus features, who’s that guy that broke his ankle in your sponsor me tape? Does he still skate?
That’s my friend Ryan Smith (not the one who rides for Mystery). Yes, he still skates.

ThemightyF: How many umbrellas do you own?
(Laughs) I don’t have any at the moment.

SkateKreme: What’s your favorite way to break your board when you get mad?
I’ve never broken one out of anger,.

bryan_herman_kicks_ass: What’s the biggest plus about being on the Emerica team? Do you enjoy meeting us "Emerica Kids?"
Yeah, I love getting to travel with the whole Emerica team, cuz they’re the guys that I grew up looking up to. I really like all the Emerica Kids, how there’s sort of a cult following. I feel like I relate to those kids, because I was one growing up.

stereosound: Austin, I got to meet you yesterday, October 23, at NJ Skateshop, but I was a little star struck with you and the whole Toy Machine team being there. What I want to know is, how did you do in school? Did you like it? Did you go to college? If so, where? Personally, it’s really hard on me—especially because I’m forced to do my best.
I finished high school with passing (but not excellent) grades. Then I went to one year of community college. I was planning on getting into photojournalism, but I started traveling so much for skateboarding that I couldn’t keep up, so I never went back. But, I probably will, eventually.

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  1. haha
    why hasnt anyone else commented this
    austins so sick and he seems to have a great personality
    totally rad skater

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