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flip_92: When will I see a Braydon Baker board?
I have no clue. It’s all up to Andrew, Erik and all my bosses at Baker. They like to surprise the rider. They don’t say anything, then one day you’ll show up and they’ll give you a pro board.

ToshPunkSk8r: How long until you go pro?
Once again, I have no clue. It’s all up to the Boss.

camden_emerica99: What’s your favorite sandwich?
Damn, I got a lot! I love sandwiches. My favorite would be turkey and roast beef mixed together.

emericaaaa55: Pop Tarts or cereal?
Cereal, all the way. Fruity Pebbles, dude, or Count Chocula.

hassle posse: What’s your favorite movie?
This moment, probably Team America and the Doors.

lahcimm_oj: Are you gonna turn you hair into dreads so you look like Tosh?
Never in my life. I don’t like white dudes with dreads too much. It looks weird.

twig: Describe what you think about cops in three words.
Is shitbag one word? And dicks. Those dudes are not cool.

b&eskater7: What’s your favorite Emerica shoe?
Right now, I’d have to go with the Ellington.

twig: Who is a hottie? (Actress, singer, etc.)
Misha Barton from The OC. She is so fine.

b&eskater7: Are you vegan?
Fuck, no! I’m obsessed with meat! I’ll eat as much of it as I can. Duck is weird, though.

abec-1: Have you ever choked on jello, water or air?
Wow, that’s a weird question. I’ve probably choked on all three at some point in my life, but I don’t remember jello.

abec-1: Do you like your chicken crunchy or original recipe?
Whoever asked this, that’s a good question. I really don’t know. I eat chicken at least once a day. I love both, but I probably like original a little more.

abec-1: You always have a smile on. Is that the real you, or do you have a dark side?
I don’t know. I’m definitely a really happy person, but people say I talk too much. I spit out random stuff that pisses people off. But, I just try to live my life and have a good time, carefree.

abec-1: How many iPods have you gone through?
I’m on my sixth one. Something weird always happens, like, they break or they always come out with new, killer ones, so I’m like, "I better try out that one!"

BakerSkater5697: Have you ever nutted so hard you thought about quitting?
No. Honestly, I’ve never sacked a rail. One time, I landed on a rail on my ass and caught my tailbone, but I’ve never hit my nuts on a rail yet. Nothing in the world could make me want to quit skating. If my leg got chopped off, I’d get a fake one and keep skating.

TheDoors: Ever since that horrid slam down the Hollywood 12 (the kickflip front board attempt), have you ever went back and tried it again?

Hell, no! I’ve only hit my head twice in my whole life, at the Hollywood 16 and the Hollywood 12. I don’t fuck with those sets anymore. I’m over both of ’em.

Sven: Is Leo Romero on Baker? Why does he have two black eyes now?
Leo is on Baker, and he has two black eyes because one night he decided that wine was the coolest thing he’s ever experienced, and also that pounding his fist into his own face was another cool thing to experience. Basically, he beat himself up.

Sven: Is your last name Polish?
Yes, it is.

Sven: Do you have a Harley like Heath and the others?
No. I ain’t that rich.

Sven: Do you have any special techniques when setting up a new board?
I’m honestly the most carefree person when it comes to setting up a board. I don’t really pay attention to which side of the board is the front or the back, or which bolt goes where. I can break one in two minutes anyway and not even care.

Sven: If you’re about to film a difficult trick and someone jacks your board, can you just pick up a friend’s board and skate it?
It all depends. If I’m already in the mode and I’m getting close and everything works out, yes. If not, no.

SkateNDestroy: If you were a pirate, would you have yellow or black teeth?
Black always, of course. Actually, I’d have all black teeth and one gold tooth in front.

Neubauer: Are you a good speller?
Hell, no! As soon as I try to spell anything, the dyslexia kicks in and I don’t know what I’m spelling anymore.

Pig Pen: Are there any extra body parts you wish you had?
It would be cool to have little devil horns on your head under your hair. No one would know they were there. Also, I wish I had two tongues so I could lick women twice as fast.

KOP: Does your mom ever tell you to cut your hair?
No, she thinks I look better with long hair rather than short.

Kites&Keys: Are you a Viking, or Viking-related in any way?
I have no clue. They were beasts, though. They went around and did some pretty pirate-y shit. They were, like, 12 feet tall and carried swords, and I’m just a regular kid carrying a skateboard.

abec-1: At this Baker demo and signing, you were probably the nicest and happiest guy there. What makes the demos and signing all worthwhile for you?
Uh, I’m just happy all the time. It just feels rad when kids know who you are. It makes your self-esteem go up. It feels good to show kids how much fun skateboarding is. That’s awesome.

Hammer Time: People are saying that you Baker team riders get special boards, and us consumers get ones that are lower quality. Is this true?
Hell, no! Fuck, no. If anything, Baker gives team riders the boards that are warped, cuz they know we’ll skate the shit out of ’em anyway. We don’t sell kids anything that’s bad. The only difference is we team riders have our own special sizes that we don’t sell to kids. Most kids wouldn’t ride a big 8.25" deck anyway. If you don’t wear a size 10 shoe or bigger, you don’t need it.

SkateKreme: How the hell do you pronounce your last name?
Sa-fran-ski. The z is silent.

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  1. First skate 4 life Braydon

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  2. come over to my house and skate my mini and ill blaze you out

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