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Interview conducted Spring 2002
Originally appeared in Emerica’s This Is A Skate Zine Fall 2002

makin faces

Justin Regan: What are you guys doing?
Andrew Reynolds: What’s up, Bryan? Ask me some questions.
JR: Bryan, here’s the deal: you guys are going to interview each other and it’s going to go in a little Emerica zine that we’re giving out to shops and kids. So, you get to ask Andrew all the questions you ever wanted to find out about him and vice-versa.
AR: We’re both in Philadelphia—I’m in a nice, luxurious hotel with A/C and Jacuzzi and Bryan’s over at Plane’s house right now.
Bryan Herman: I’m actually in the basement right now.
AR: What are you doing down there?
JR: (Joking) That’s where they smoke crack (everyone laughs). So what are you guys doing in Philly?
AR: Well, Bryan came out a little bit before me and was just staying at Pete Eldridge and some other guy’s house—just skating around. Then I came out a little bit later and met up with the whole crew, just skating and filming.
JR: Philly style—eatin’ cheese steaks.
AR: Yeah, eating cheese steaks and slices of pizza all day long.
BH: Hey, Justin, I got a photo in the newspaper of me doing a kickflip off a ledge over a trash can in an article on Love Park—it’s so funny.
JR: No way! Save it! Bring it back, I want to see that.
BH: Yeah, I gotta get it.
AR: That day’s paper is probably so far gone now.
JR: He didn’t get one?
BH: I didn’t get one.
JR: You saw it, but you didn’t save it?
BH: No.
JR: What’s good about Love Park?
AR: Not that much is good about it. You can’t skate there that often—but when you can, it’s pretty good.
BH: You can’t skate there very often, but when you do, you have a fun time.
JR: Have you guys been cruising to FDR yet?
BH: Yeah, but it’s too gnarly over there for us.
JR: So, why is it too gnarly for you?
AR: It’s not too gnarly for me—he’s speaking for himself (laughs).
BH: FDR is too gnarly for me because I’m too small—they can’t see me. I can get hit, run over all the time.
AR: You know who runs him over? That guy in the Alien video that comes over the hip at you (laughs).
BH: I just sneak my way around the course like a rat.
AR: If any of PJ Ladd’s friends read this, I’ve seen your promo video and the shit is bad.
JR: Bad as in good?
AR: Yeah, it’s awesome.
BH: You guys are trying to take over the skate industry.
JR: So PJ’s friends are sick, too—not just PJ?
AR: He’s so good that his friends are just sick for hanging around him (laughs)—that’s how good he is.
BH: This is what I have to say about PJ: he should have been pro before Tony Alva and all of those guys. There should have been someone who could look into the future and see him.
AR: He knows his board.
JR: I have a question for Bryan. PJ does a kickflip shifty in the video?
AR: Yes, he does.
BH: The one where a five dollar bill was blocking him and he picked it up?
JR: Was that the best kickflip shifty ever?
BH: That kickflip shifty was ridiculous.
JR: Better than Andrew’s?
AR: You better give the right answer.
BH: You know, just because me and Andrew have been getting in fights lately, I must say PJ’s was better.
AR: PJ’s was better?! Wait ’til you get your next box—you get half of a board!
BH: (Laughs) All right, let me take that back—I’m sorry. Yours is better.
JR: Have you guys seen PJ Ladd skate in-person?
AR: I have seen PJ Ladd skate in-person, but he looked like he was on pills, or something—sedated on quualudes. He didn’t give a fuck about anything.
JR: Did he bail?
AR: Yeah, he bailed all over the place. When he landed a trick, it was just so perfect. But, it’s amazing the way he skates—he just does whatever he wants. If you do tricks that are that hard, you have to bail—you can’t land that shit all the time.
JR: Pretty amazing. I saw him goofing-around on flatground, it was twenty minutes of madness—a bunch of tricks I’ve never seen before.
AR: I’ve heard he cannot be beat in a game of OUT—nobody in the world.

herm trying to be a model

AR: Bryan, what was your first set-up?
BH: Like, skateboard set-up? All my gear, or what?
AR: You know, "My first set-up was a Geoff Rowley board, the first video I saw was 411 #48" (laughs).
BH: My fuckin’ Herman beginner set-up: fuckin’ blank board that I got from some kid with Gullwing Trucks that were really bent because they got ran-over, I don’t know what wheels.
AR: That’s pretty good, kind of old-school—the Gullwings.
BH: Yeah, Gullwings all the way.
JR: Did they have the groove in the middle?
BH: And the first Colin McKay DC shoes.
JR: What about you, Andrew?
AR: Oh, I had a Sure Grip.
JR: (Laughs).
AR: You don’t know about that, Herman—that’s way too old-school for you. But that wasn’t even my first real one—that was like, whatever. Then I got a real one, which was a Mike McGill with red Tracker Ultralites and two black OJ IIs and two green OJ IIs set-up checkerboard-style.
JR: Nice. Tell me that you had the Tracker Copers.
AR: No, but I did have rails and a nose-grab, but I ended-up taking it off because I saw that it wasn’t cool to have that stuff. But after that, it had four big holes down the side from those gnarly bolts—you could see through the board.
JR: That’s sick—it just makes your board lighter.
AR: Hey, Bryan’s just turned sixteen now.
JR: That’s what I heard. I had everyone call him. Did you get phone calls from people on your birthday?
BH: Yeah, I got a phone call from Don, you, Mark and everyone. I felt really touched because I really didn’t expect those people to call me on my birthday and say "Happy Birthday". It was great—I liked it a lot.
JR: Nice. Did you get a cake on your birthday?
BH: Actually, I did. I got a very nice cake.
JR: He did get a cake! Sick. Where did you guys go out?
AR: Nicole, Mark B’s girlfriend, hooked him up—they had a cake, candles on it, everything.
JR: Bryan, when are you getting your car?
AR: He’s not getting a car—he doesn’t even have a driver’s license.
JR: He’s going to ask for us to give him rides back to Victorville every time.
AR: This is what you do: you just take a small percent of the royalties off the shoe that he designs and put it in a savings account for a car.
BH: I hope that you guys actually make that shoe, because I like what I created and what we came up with.
JR: I haven’t seen any drawings of that yet.
BH: Yeah, you did!
JR: Only the ones you showed me—I haven’t seen the new, updated shit yet. You gotta get in here and make sure that everything’s going straight. On shoe designs, you gotta be on top of that shit 100% of the way—just look at Andrew.
AR: That’s right—I was talking to Trevor today when I got my sample. What kind of car are you going to get, Bryan? Like, if you could go anywhere and pick one up?
BH: Uh, shit.
AR: You don’t know much about cars, huh?
BH: Not really. I think I’d get a car that I’d be able to see over the steering wheel in. (Everyone laughs).
JR: Cabriolet. Get one of those new Bugs.
BH: No, fuck that. What do you have to say about your new shoe, Andrew?
AR: It’s the best shoe around.
JR: Bryan, what do you have to say about Andrew’s new shoe [Reynolds 2]?
BH: Andrew’s new shoe is nice, but it feels like the Marc Johnson.
JR: Have you ridden them? What did you think?
BH: Check-out the ghetto-style—it’s really sick. Everyone should check it out.
JR: What do you think about the black gum color-way?"
BH: Never seen ’em.
AR: I got ’em on right now—you need to get back to the hotel so you can check ’em.
BH: You got ’em on?
AR: I got my box today—all the new colors.
BH: Andrew, when will you ever retire?
AR: Well, I don’t know (laughs).
BH: When will it get to the point where you think, "This is as far as I can go."
AR: When I just can’t do stuff. Well, I don’t know, because I just want to milk it for a while.
JR: (Laughs) That’s what I like to hear.
AR: I’m never going to retire—fuck that (laughs). I’m going to have a pro board and five shoes when I’m forty-five.
JR: So, you guys are filming in Philly. What are you working on?
AR: For the video that you named, Justin: This Is Skateboarding.
BH: That’s what it’s going to be called?
AR: Yeah—isn’t that cool?
BH: I love that name.
AR: Justin made that up—that’s so perfect. I’m in the hotel right now on the laptop that Emerica gave me for Christmas and got half of my part done already. It’s looking so perfect. I can’t wait ’til you get to see it.
JR: For the next trade show, we’re thinking about having a little theater with a skate film festival instead of sales booths like all the other companies.
AR: Oh, shit! Who all is allowed to get involved and show what they want?
JR: Well, we’re going to have a list made up well in advance that says, "Eleven o’clock, Video Days; Twelve o’clock," you know—screenings like that. Between the screenings, we’ll have Emerica video trailers. From your guys’ perspective, what are five videos that we have to put in there? I think we need to come up with thirty videos.
AR: Well, you have to have...
BH: Plan B Questionable.
AR: No! Allright, whatever. That’s cool, but that’s just...
JR: Bryan, you get five. Andrew, you get five.
AR: Okay, I’d say this: Come Together ATM / Click video, the first Anti-Hero video, Fucktards. Damn, I don’t know what’s really good. What did you say, Video Days?
JR: Video Days.
AR: That’s really good. How about something like the Life video with Sean Sheffey’s part with that cowboy music?
BH: Eastern Exposure.
AR: I kind of like that, too.
JR: So which ones do you like, Bryan?
BH: Questionable, Eastern Exposure...
AR: You know what I watched with Bryan the other day? The first 411 ever. It was sick.
JR: I think I got head props in that one.
AR: Yeah, we were looking for you in it.
JR: Is that the one where Chris Senn ollies a gap onto a rail? I’m right there in the front row.
AR: I was showing him Eric Koston at a contest, like, "Just check this out," you know? What was it, Bryan? The Koston footage from back who knows when?
BH: That was the most ridiculous footage I’ve ever seen—it was so bangin’.
AR: Everybody’s scraping across the ground in the first 411, you know what I mean how it was back then? In his runs—some East Coast contest, or something—Eric Koston was skating better than half the people in contests now. By the way, when is Bryan going to beat me at a game of OUT? Never.
BH: In a couple of days. I was planning on hitting your knee while you’re sleeping, and the next morning say, "Hey do you want to play OUT?" And you’ll be like, "Oh yeah, I can’t really skate right now."
AR: You’ve probably beat me a lot of times, I think.
JR: I don’t know—I think Andrew might still beat you, Bryan.
AR: With the broken knee.
BH: I think Andrew’s kind of going downhill—just kidding.

look out

AR: Where was the last one when I whipped your ass?
BH: Aerial Skatepark in Boston.
JR: I think I saw Andrew take out Tosh with a twisted ankle.
AR: Who was it that had the twisted ankle?
JR: Wasn’t that you?
AR: He had the twisted ankle. Bryan, do you want to hear about Erik Ellington’s gear when he got off the train?
BH: Let’s hear it.
AR: This is what he had: house slippers, Adidas track pants, a big, generic-looking Easy-E shirt—you know who Easy-E is? From NWA?
BH: No. National...NWA: Niggahs With Attitude. AR: Yeah (laughs), you got it. He had an Easy-E shirt and some other shit all flarin’ out—I don’t know.
JR: Was Louie [Slater] wearing his baseball pants?
AR: Yeah, Louie had his baseball pants on.
BH: Erik’s geared-out, Louie’s geared-out—I love it.
AR: Wait ‘til you see Louie’s pants—you’re going to trip.
JR: Did Erik say the train-ride was hell?
AR: Yeah, well, they said it was pretty cool. Louie told me that there was this eighty-one year-old guy sittin’ next to him on the train and he was really gay. He started talking about all this crazy stuff, like, "Have you ever been to Amsterdam?" and Louie was like, "No, not yet. I’m going to go," and the guy just tells him, "Yeah, I got a blow-job from a guy in Amsterdam—it was awesome. What would you do if a guy tried to give you a blow-job?" and Louie said, "I’d break his fuckin’ nose." He was buying Louie drinks, and stuff. He woke Louie up in the morning and gave him two Budweisers.
JR: Trying to soften him up.
AR: Louie said, "It’d take a lot of drinks for me to do that!"
BH: What kind of music do you listen to, Andrew?
AR: I don’t know—everything. But whatever it is, I put it onto my computer then onto my brand new iPod II that holds two-thousand songs.
JR: Ohhhhh, I want to get one—those are the five-hundred dollar ones, huh?
AR: Yeah.
JR: I don’t even want to go into that—I’m so pissed.
AR: Why?
JR: Cuz I just got my iPod.
AR: But do you even have a thousand songs in it yet?
JR: I got a bunch—I jacked ’em off Atiba’s G-4.
AR: I’m not even going to get any songs off other people, I’m just gonna put it all in the computer and get it so it’s all my selections.
JR: Yeah, that’s better cuz then you can make sure it’s all filed right, too.
AR: It’s so crazy—you just pop the CD into the computer, it goes on the internet and it just knows...
JR: Inserts all the words.
AR: Yeah, it’s insane.
BH: Andrew, who are your favorite skaters ever?
AR: Let me think about this for a second, cuz I know I have so many. I don’t know, don’t get all cocky and big-headed, but you, Brian Michaud, PJ Ladd, Ali Boulala, of course. How about you, Bryan? Who do you think’s good right now?
BH: Definitely Brian Michaud and Pete Eldridge.
AR: Are you looking at them while you’re saying that?
BH: No, I’m by myself. Definitely also Matt Allen, Mike Heff, Paul Rodriguez, David Odle and Kevin Spanky.
AR: Oh, Spanky. Yeah, that’s so good. Why you do so many kickflip frontside nose-slides, Bryan?
BH: Just so I can make other people ill. Andrew, if somebody were to see you, what area of the United States would you be in—the LA mansion or the Florida condo?
AR: What do you mean? If they were going to spot me now, I’m in the Double Tree in Philly.
BH: Where are you mostly staying right now?
AR: In the Doubletree.
BH: But where have you been staying mostly? Have you been spending a lot of time in Florida or LA?
AR: Yeah, I’ve been staying in Florida most of the time—three months. It’s getting hot, though, so it’s about time to go back to the mansion.
BH: Now everyone’s going to go to Florida to see you and they’ll realize...
AR: Nobody wants to go that far to see me.
JR: Reda needs to come out and shoot you guys for the Emerica mansion article.
AR: Yeah, I talked to him, he’s coming this weekend. He left a message for me, "Call me back at blah, blah, blah. Go fuck yourself. Bye."
JR: Bryan, what do you think of the Fontana skatepark?
AR: What’s that one?
JR: That’s a new one that they just threw up while you were gone. Herman knows all about it—he did the opening day demo.
BH: I just require everybody to at least go up and check that skatepark out, because it’s humongous, everything is built the way that you would like it, it’s just fun to skate—it’s great. If I lived next to it, I’d be skating there every day.
AR: How far is that from LA?
BH: About thirty minutes.
AR: How far is it from Victorville?
BH: About thirty minutes.
AR: So, that means...
JR: It’s in the middle somewhere.
BH: It’s right on the way to my house. It’s ridiculous. That skatepark is very good. I heard someone in the background. Is there someone there with you now?
JR: It’s Garry—he asked me about the Fontana thing. All right, I’ll let you guys go.
BH: Why? I want to keep going!
JR: You guys should give props to the other sponsor you have in common.
AR: Yeah, Baker Skateboards has a new rider: Braydon Szafranski, so remember it.
BH: Watch out for Braydon—he is a beast! He’s straight outta Beastville—he’s gonna come get you, man. He’s so crazy, he took over this whole town and renamed it Beast-ville—that’s where he lives.
AR: Anyone who reads this, stay away from drugs and drinking.
JR: Have you guys seen the new Skateboarder with our Atlanta trip?
AR: I haven’t seen that yet.
BH: I want to see that. You get into bed with a seven-foot tortilla, that’s ridiculous.
AR: I was confused about that. I didn’t know what the fuck that thing was.
JR: It’s so good—in the story it goes, "Yeah we got a phone call later from Andrew." He was going, "Anybody know anything about this six-foot crepe in my bed?" all casually.
AR: (Laughs) All right, let me think. When do you go home, Bryan?
BH: I go home on the 22nd day of the month of April.
JR: When were you originally supposed to go home?
BH: I was originally supposed to go home on the 5th of April.
JR: How many times did you change it?
BH: The reason I changed it was because, I just...
AR: He wanted to hang out with me because I’m so cool.
BH: I didn’t have enough footage to go home and make our team manager Justin Regan happy.
JR: Good answer. So, what you’re doing out there now is staying to get that footage?
BH: I’m staying to make up for those five days that I was out here not getting footage. So, now I’m out here getting footage.
JR: All right, I guess we can leave you on the team...for this month.
BH: Next month is a different story?
JR: Yeah, every month you gotta do something to stay on the team.
BH: Allright.

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  1. that would of been so sweet to have "Emerica’s This Is A Skate Zine". that was a good interview. i noticed that they threw in about looking out for Braydon on baker.

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