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You asked for it! You got it! This is the first in our series of "Member’s Only" interviews. After pouring over the nearly three-hundred questions you guys asked him, Emerica pro Heath Kirchart spent his Thanksgiving weekend coming up with answers to his Top 20 favorite questions. Thanks to everyone who participated. Stay tuned, future installments of "Member’s Only" interviews are in the works. Enjoy!

heath with mohawk

fortunekids69: What was the hardest trick you filmed for This Is Skateboarding?
Back tail kickflip. I tried doing it for Sight Unseen, but the deadline came too quick. It was the first trick I got for TIS. It was a total bitch for me. I haven’t done one since.

emerican alien: Has work started yet on the Kirchart 3? If so, what kind of shoe could it be compared to?
Yeah, the Kirchart 3 is coming out in April 2004. It’s a simple-looking shoe that has the System G2™ gel in the heel. The shoe lasts me a long long as I got Shoe-Goo handy. Out of the three shoes I’ve had on Emerica, I definetly like this one the most.

BoardBreaker: Hey Heath...! How many boards did you brake filming TIS?
I filmed for a year and a half. That’s eighteen months. At around ten boards a month, that’s 180 boards.

emericanhammers: What kinda music do you listen to?
Pink Floyd, Neil Young and Nick Cave. Off the top of my head, those are my favorites right now. In a week, it may be completely different. I’m not much of a music guy. In social circles, I don’t talk music.

emerican alien: What video part that you’ve filmed for are you most proud of?
Probably Sight Unseen, although when it first came out, I was really bummed on it. I came close to three tricks that would have made it my favorite by far, but missing those was a real dissapointment for me. Also, there was an early version of my part (later put up on the Emerica site) that was edited to Pink Floyd that I liked better than the Moody Blues version.

LegacySkater: What goes through your head and what gets you pumped when you try really big, crazy tricks?
When I try scary shit, my head is completely blank. Autopilot. Thats why if there are any distractions, I can’t do it. If a bird is singing, I won’t try it. People watching me is the most annoying.

ehmerica: Heath, is there one trick that you have never been able to do in your experience as a skateboarder? If so, what is it?—Andrew, Mission, Texas
I have a lot of tricks that I can’t do. Most of them are tricks I don’t like, others I just can’t do properly. I can do frontside flips, but they look terrible. I wish I could do them right, because there are a lot of tricks that begin with a frontside flip that I want to do.

ElementX: ASS KISSING: I just have to say that your skating is impeccable, and every time you step on your board, you create amazing works of art. QUESTION: When you were skating as a kid, was there ever a time when you hated yourself and / or were disappointed with your skating?
Of course, and it’s still a real disappointment now when I can’t make something I really want. Plus, the disappointment is compounded when I go back and try to get it again and fail. As far as "killing myself", I only feel that way toward the end of filming a video, and only for a few minutes after I don’t make something.

ElementX: Do you still hate interviews?
Yes, I think I’m almost done with this one.

Emerica.: Nice back tail kickflip out. Everyone sees you skating really really huge things, but do you ever skate curbs or little things like that on occasion?
Yeah, curbs or flatbars are the funnest things to skate. The big things are fun in an entirely different way. They’re more fun to watch on a camera after you’ve made them.

bak3rica: Fav trick?
Back lips and back tails. If I could do back Smiths better, they’d be in there, too.

getbusylivin: Hey Heath, that slam you took on that huge like twenty-stair hubba in the beginning of your part in the Emerica video is ridiculous. Did you break any bones or anything serious like that? How bad was it?
It looks really bad compared to what actually happened to me. It knocked the wind out of me and gave me a black eye. I hit my face pretty hard, I guess, because that side of my face was numb for three months. I was a little freaked out by that.

jacksonisrad: When you choose music for a video part, do you try to pick a song that means something to you at the time, or do you pick a song for different reasons? If so, what reasons?
I’ll pick whatever song goes best with the part. Usually, it’s something I like, but it’s hard to get the rights to music I like. For Sight Unseen, I wanted a Floyd song but couldn’t get the rights. For TIS, I used "Mellow" because it works well with the part. I don’t even own the CD.

john martin: What was your first handrail?
First rail was this four stair at my middle school. My friend and I both got on it and thought it was so amazing. It made our day, and we didn’t even make it, just trying it was enough.

john martin: Who’s better at bowling—you or Steve Berra?
Me by far—no contest. Not being arrogant, it’s just no contest. (Pat) Duffy killed me last week for $100. I’ll get it back, though. I was drunk and the lanes were shit.

switchblade_surgeon: Whats your favorite part in Habitat Mosaic?
Stefan Janoski’s part is awesome. I really like his lazy-ass style and the tricks he does. The whole video’s good, but I don’t like my footage in it.

kilgore: What’s your favorite Pink Floyd album?
The Wall. Typical, but what Floyd ablum wouldn’t be?

EMERICAN KID: What do you think of the ams these days, Heath? I can’t tell the difference between them or the pros. Also, they are getting younger and younger—any thoughts on this?
Trick wise, it’s hard to tell the difference, but pros have power. You can tell the difference when you see someone do a powerful trick. Young kids just haven’t developed enough.

Edashcash: What ever happened to your Caprice, and do you still have your Harley? Bring back the first Kircharts...those kicked ass!
I sold the Caprice (cop car) to Ragdoll a month ago and someone just stole it. I’ll always have the Harley. As far as the K1 goes, I’ll see what I can do.

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