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Garymcinchak: What is your favorite Emerica shoe?
They’re all good in their own way.

i love bryan herman: What is your favorite drink?
Bottled water. It just goes down nice and smooth.

Ziggack: How did you get your name on a candy bar? Where can I order one?
There’s a candy bar in Germany called the Leo. I have no idea where you can get it.

garymcinchak: Who’s been really killing it lately?
Brandon Westgate.

garymcinchak: What was your worst fall ever in skateboarding?
Recently, I got my leg caught up in a rail and it tripped me. I went straight to my ribs and got the wind knocked out of me. My shins were also swollen. I didn’t skate for a week.

Emerica24: When is your pro model shoe coming out?
I have no idea. Two years?

TheDoors: You are definitely one of my favorite skaters, and I’ve seen the way you skate rails. Would you ever try anything down the infamous El Toro 20 rail?
I don’t know, maybe. I went there one day to try to nose grind it. But, my feet were fucked, so I was over it.

TheDoors: Which tricks were you never able to do?
360 flips and inward heel flips.

TheDoors: Do you have an account registered on the Blabs named LeoRomero, or is it an imposter?
No, I don’t.

TheDoors: Which are some of your favorite bands of all time?
T-Rex, Velvet Underground, Neil Diamond, Can, Bowie.

the man who sold the world: Leo, what’s it like having bitches and hos all up on your dick?
It’s great, as long as you have a camera around.

emerican alien: Favorite video part of all time?
Heath Kirchart, Sight Unseen.

TheDoors: Do you enjoy skating demos?
It’s not that bad, not as bad as it seems.

TheDoors: Who has the best style?
Heath Kirchart.

xSkateEmerica89x: Are you currently designing a shoe?
Somewhat. I just gave ’em some ideas, but I haven’t seen any samples yet.

ReynoldsTwo: Do your remember Little Alex from Wild in the Streets in NYC? He was the one you gave those extreme hi-fives to.
I think so. I think I played him a Game of SKATE and he beat me. Extreme high-fives started when Ed Templeton, Jon Miner, Jimmy Arrighi and I started giving them to each other in France on an Emerica tour. We went out one night and got drunk, and didn’t feel how bad it hurt until the next day, when our hands were swollen.

ilovespanky: If you had to turn gay for anyone on the Emerica team, would it be for Spanky, Herman or Tosh?
There’s already some suspect photos of me and Spanky, but we were just kidding around.

ilovespanky: What do kids at demos do that annoys you the most?
When they constantly ask you for free product or your board.

ilovespanky: If you could have sex with any singer or actress, who would it be?
Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy.

ilovespanky: If you weren’t skating, what would you be doing in life?
I have no idea. I’d be wasting it.

emerica_machine: Do you like table tennis?
I’m not very good at it. I like air hockey better, cuz it’s easier.

dazzle: Is it true you started crying once because you couldn’t backside Smith a rail in front of Reynolds?
No. Whoever said that is a liar.

reynoldsrider1: Have you ever been arrested for skating?
No, but I can’t wait.

Tightpants: How do you so consistently and effortlessly grind down those thin-ass round rails, despite the difficulty involved? How come you barely ever mess up when skating rails?

I don’t really think about it that much. I just go blank. Sometimes, random stuff pops into my head.

RoozKevinToshEmerica: Do you like to draw?
It’s pretty fun. I just draw random stuff.

Ziggack: I hear that you do not do drugs or drink, is that true?

Carl_X: If you were trapped inside Home Depot with a Velociraptor chasing after you, and you only had time to pick one item in the store to fight it, what would you choose and why?
A "How to Build a Porch" manual. I’d roll it up and hit the Velociraptor.

guille: In the Kids in Emerica video, you said you hoped you’d get laid before the tour was over. So, did you?
Yes, various times.

hassle posse: I noticed you have done a couple of backside nose blunts on rails. When you first learned them, were you like, "Whatever. I’ll just do it down this 10." Or do you warm up with a back over-crooks then the backside nose blunt?
I usually warm up for that trick with a back lip.

yfguitarist: Describe the perfect date.
A whole lot of eatin’ food.

Meaton: As seen in the Foundation video, you can take a hit to the nuts and tough it out. What I am interested in is how easily you forget about it and go back to the rail with confidence. What do you do to get your head back in the game and skate the rail again?

I was pretty much really pissed and I didn’t care what happened to me.

TheDoors: Who’s your favorite comedian?
Right now, George Lopez.

moohaumed: Do you play any instruments at all, besides the cowbell?

Pig Pen: Who’s your favorite artist?
I don’t have one, really. I just like art.

LAMF7: You always look very relaxed when flying down huge handrails. Do you really feel that calm when nose-grinding some gnarly rail, or are you scared shitless?
Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes I’m scared.

Ziggack: I’ve always been baffled, which race are you? I will feel a lot better after knowing.

ghost deini: I don’t have morals. Do you?
No, I don’t. I try not to.

rye: What do you think of modular skateparks, and why?
I think they’re awesome. No, I hate those parks.

Analog911: Who would win in a fight? Winnie the Pooh or the Michelin Man?
Neither, cuz Spanky would jump in and win.

reject_yc: What’s up with all these fake Leo Romeros on MySpace? There are a million of them.
I don’t have a MySpace page. I fuckin’ hate that site.

rye: Do you stretch before you skate? Are there any routine procedures you do a lot for skating?
No, not really.

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