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Now’s the time for number six in our ongoing series of Emerica Blab interviews in which you, the ever-loyal Kids in Emerica, got to ask your favorite Emerica team rider those burning questions you’ve always wanted to know.

This month’s subject is Emerica am Matt Allen—rail banger and mini-ramp fan extraordinaire. Without further ado, here are Matt’s answers to some of your questions.

matt dude

EmErIcA_ToWnEnD16: What’s your favorite thing to skate?
Mini-ramps. I started riding them after I got sponsored two years ago. They’re so fun! Mini-ramps are the best thing ever. I wish I would have known about ’em when I first started skating. I also like riding flatground.

EmericanKid200: Which is your favorite trick?
Backside tail slides and 360 flips.

ReynoldsTwo: Which is your favorite shoe?
Emerica Marc Johnson 1.

mmm babies: Worst slam ever?
Definitely the one in Canada when I tried to Smith grind a rail. I scorpioned and somehow also cut up my face and ended up messing up my back. I couldn’t skate for a week.

t hamilton townend: Favorite place you’ve traveled to?
Australia is the funnest place I’ve ever been. There is all kinds of stuff to skate—a lot of skateparks. Plus, everyone’s really nice. It’s a mellow country.

diego menendez: Who has the worst tour farts? Because, for some reason, farts just fuckin’ come out on tour.
It doesn’t matter if it’s at home or on tour, Bryan Herman has the worst farts ever.

ReynoldsRocks77: Do you plan to go pro soon? Or are you still havin’ fun being am?
Yeah, I plan on going pro sometime, but not until I’m ready.

Emerican664: Who, in your opinion, has the sickest style?
Right now, Van Wastell.

Reel Big Fish: Which kind of tricks give you trouble?
Nollie to handrails. Flip tricks aren’t that hard, but nollies are hard for me.

nydkid: What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen on tour?
For 20 bucks, Flash stepped on Mike Ruszyk’s bunion (on his toe) for one minute.

huggo06: If you could meet anybody in the world, who would it be?
Jack Black, cuz he’s hilarious. He’d be funny to talk to. I like his voice—the way he says stuff is great

R\/C/\: I used to love filming, because I never thought it meant anything. It just seemed like I was out messing around while everyone else got footy for their sponsors. But now that I just got hooked up by a deck company, I feel like I have to step it up. Do you ever feel really stressed to get some footy? If so, how do you just get past the stress and get the tricks and footy you want?
I hardly ever get stressed. I just try to stay calm and skate how I did when I first started skating.

hassle posse: Where’s your favorite place to hang out when you’re not skating?
The Long Beach house, where Dave Hoang, Tony Silva, Raymond Molinar and Tuan Nguyen live.

barenstank: Which tricks have you never been able to do?
Varial flips and hurricanes.

dazzle: Does skateboarding look hopeful as a career? If not, what would be your second best profession?
Yes, it does look good as a career. If I couldn’t skate professionally, I’d want to do something where I get paid a lot. No, I’d probably just be a bum.

harry: After all the stair and rail coverage you’ve had, do you feel that you’ve boxed yourself into a corner?
Not really, because I have a lot of time to come out with different stuff.

TheDoors: You seem to be a gnarly rail dog. Do you ever skate tranny?
Every day I go skate a park, there’s tranny, so at least five times a week.

TheDoors: I know you’re a Doors fan like myself. What is your favorite song by them, and your favorite album?
"My Eyes Have Seen You" on Strange Days.

RBFemericaskaskater: Have you seen Video Days? What do you think of Jason Lee?
Absolutely. I think he’s a natural. He’s fun to watch on a skateboard, and on a movie screen.

CuriousGeorge: Do you enjoy interviews?
Not especially, but I have no problem with them.

Ramerica: I’m sixteen, not too far off from you. My question is, what goes through your mind when you roll up to a handrail? How do you process it in your head to commit?
I just think about how I would do it on any object. I don’t think about how big the rail is.

Pig Pen: I’ve always wondered if Emerica team riders fight. Is there anyone on the team you don’t like and have fought with? Who do you like the most on the team?
No, I’m friends with everyone on the team. I like hanging out with Tosh Townend, Bryan Herman and Leo Romero a lot.

alexfrigginhoward: What was the reason behind having the Mamas and the Papas song on your Chily part? Classic tune!
I just always wanted to use that song, especially since I’ve never heard it in a skate video before. I just like it.

iskatehandrails: Which is better, a big bag of tricks or an amazing style?
Id’ definitely rather have an amazing style. Anyone can do something crazy, but I think it matters more what you look like when you’re doing it.

Carl_X: If you were surrounded by ninjas, and you could only pick one member of the Brady Bunch to help you fight them, who would it be? (Yes, Alice counts, too.)
Who is this kid? None of the Brady Bunch look very tough, but if I had to choose one, I’d go with Alice. Plus, she could cook me food after.

HK4Life: How do the girls treat you when you go on tours?

reynoldsrider1: Out of the three little guys on Emerica (you, Herman, and Leo) you’re the last one to turn pro. Does that bother you? When do you think you’ll turn pro? (I thought you would be one of the first. I love you.)
It doesn’t bother me. I’m not jealous, I’m psyched for them. I’ll go pro when I’m ready.

reynoldsrider1: Do you really have a MySpace page? Is it called the myspace massacre, or is that an imposter?

I do now, as of six months ago.

Bryanherman1: Do you have anything against Rollerbladers?
No, but if they want to look stupid, that’s on them

BoardBreaker: Do you read books?
Not at the moment. I’m not that into books.

moohaumed: Which is your least favorite trick and why?
Nollie crooks, cuz they’re so blown out right now. It seems like any kid can get on a board and do one down a rail.

TheDoors: Which is your favorite skateboarding magazine?
Skateboarder. I like the articles in it, like the 15 Things, and all the features are funny. Plus, they always have good covers and photos.

TheDoors: Which is your favorite TV show?
Family Guy.

xSkateEmerica89x: What’s it like having to deal with Leo all the time?
It’s the worst! Just kidding. There’s nothing to deal with, cuz he’s my friend. We deal with each other.

Pig Pen: Which is your favorite cartoon show and who’s your favorite cartoon character?
Again, Family Guy. My favorite character is Stewie, the baby.

BoardBreaker: Who’s a better singer, you or Leo?
Definitely Leo. We don’t really try to sing, but he likes to imitate singing, and stuff.

moohaumed: What’s your family like?
Awesome, good, positive, I guess. Supportive.

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