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abec-1: What’s it like skating with Aaron Suski?
Suski is one of my favorites. He skates everything and always seems to enjoy it.

abec-1: You seem like a relaxed guy. Are you like that most of the time?
Not all the time, but I try as hard as I can.

abec-1: What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done with a skateboard?
I think it would have to be breaking it. Focusing your board is so dumb.

AlienWorkshop77: What is it about the whole bowl / pool skating scene that separates those types of skaters from the rest?
We actually know how to skate.

CrackKilledMyGoat: Do you skate with the rest of the Emerica team often?
Yes I do, mostly Aaron and Tosh.

emerica: Name some tricks that you have never been able to do.
The 900, eggplants, backside fastplants and frontside crooks.

Imtheemericanidol: Is it cool to skate with a helmet?
On vert, I would recommend it.

Sven: Why did you leave Adrenaline? Are you still friends with Greg Chapman?
Adrenalin was not working, money-wise, and yes, I’m still friends with Greg.

distorted3191: How was the Dew Action Sports Tour?
That was the worst contest I’ve ever been a part of.

smskater805: What size deck do you ride? Do you like loose or tight trucks?
I ride an eight-inch deck. My trucks change with the terrain I’m riding.

SKATEtheRoZes 4D: Would you ever consider doing an art show with Ed Templeton?
Hell, yeah! If I could get off my lazy ass and do some good paintings.

esxelo: Have you ever just got brand new kicks and stepped into dog shit but didn’t realize it, then skated and finally noticed it on your board?

TigerArmy13: What’s the worst injury you’ve ever got from skating?
The worst injury would have to be a broken shoulder from the air loop I did in Germany. My bones crunched.

i_love_to_skate: What was your worst slam ever?
The Germany loop.

marcusn56: I seriously admire your attitude toward skateboarding much more than any other pro, past or present. Do you ever feel the pressure of having to pull the biggest and best tricks in competition, when instead you just want to cruise around and enjoy yourself without killing yourself?
I love to skate no matter what, and I love to kill myself. It’s never for anyone but myself.

CrackKilledMyGoat: What music gets you pumped?
Rasta music, jazz, old punk rock. Everything, I think.

CrackKilledMyGoat: Got any mentors or heroes?
The Gonz, Van Gogh, John Cardiel, Toad.

CrackKilledMyGoat: Are you happy with the way skateboarding, in general, is going?
Skating is about you, your friends and fun. So, I’ll always be happy with it, until I can’t do it. Then I’ll hate it.

CrackKilledMyGoat: How much do you enjoy keg parties?
Way tooooooooooo much.

harry: Why don’t you wear any flair?
Function before fashion.

EnjoiSk8er287: Man, it must be awesome to live at your house in Hawaii! How is the skate scene there?
Good scene, a lot of good surf, some cool parks and a lot of street spots that no one knows about. Aloha! Stay off my waves, brah!

emericaaaa55: You’ve got great style, so in your opinion, which trick is the most stylish?
Crail slides, Smith grinds, big airs, nose wheelies, Boneless Ones. Everything is good.

emericatillidie: Do you feel pressured to step it up when you are around the young crowd, like Spanky, Leo and Herman?
Not at all. I just skate how I feel like skating.

Rottenrose: Why did you leave Toy Machine? Were you and Ed Templeton homies?
Ed kicked me off. Jerk. Yeah, we’re still bros forever.

Mineral Ice: What is the techest flatground trick you can do?
I did it all before you had a skateboard.

emerican123: How many mag front covers have you had?
Three: One Slap and two Hecklers.

abec-1: Do you read a lot?
Yes, I do, but not enough—mostly when I’m flying.

SkateKreme: Which Emerica shoes do you wear the most?
I like the Reynolds 3 and the Ridgemont.

gunther_: What triggered you to want to skateboard? Was it the OBS (Older Brother Syndrome)? Ha-ha.
I’ve always had a skateboard ever since I can remember. My uncle skated, and in sixth grade, we saw the Bones Brigade Video Show. Steve Steadham boardslid around the whole Del Mar keyhole, and that was that. I was hooked. Thank you, Steve.

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