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Spanky loves Emerica

TheDoors: What’s it like having your own shoe?
It’s totally tubular. It’s a dream come true, a goal that I always wanted to reach, and I did it. Getting a pro shoe is one of the most exciting things in skating.

EmErIcA_ToWnEnD16: What made you come up with the design of your KSL 1 shoe?
I was inspired by a retro, old school basketball shoe, but I also wanted it to be very skate-oriented. I added stripes, too, because I like how the color pops on stripes.

TheDoors: What’s the worst slam you’ve ever taken?
When I was a little kid, I sacked a kinked rail, and sacking rails is a scary feeling. I put it in my first sponsor me video in slow motion.

TheDoors: In your opinion, who has the best style?
That’s easy. I like watching Mark Gonzales skate more than anyone, cuz everything he does looks cool.

CRAIG: What are some bands that you have been liking a lot lately?
Lately, Morrrisey and the Smiths, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, a lot of Can. I saw the Residents in Australia. It was awesome,

i love bryan herman: What the hell were you thinking when you grew that ’stache?
I was thinking that people getting offend by facial hair is an awesome thing. I like mustaches just cuz they’re tweaked and people are bothered by them. I think I’m going to grow another one just because of that question.

i love bryan herman: When and how did you get the nickname "Spanky"? I’ve always wondered that.
My older brother’s friends started calling me that when I was a little kid, just to give me a nickname. It’s from the Little Rascals.

Emerican664: How was life on Heath’s Harley Tour? What kind of Harley were you riding?
It was amazing, the best tour I can remember. It was rad riding motorcycles and skating and camping. I want to do it more often. It’s a whole other lifestyle that I’m glad I got turned onto. I rode a Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom. It’s a smaller one, but it’s fast, light and powerful.

Emerican664: What is the weirdest thing you have seen or done on tour?
Most recently, sharing a room with Leo Romero, because he’s such a creep in an awesome way. He loves getting into sketchy situations and taking photos of it. He encourages any sort of debauchery that might make a good photo. I won’t go into detail, because it’s completely not rated PG.

ilovespanky: Do you ever receive gifts from fans? If yes, which one was the coolest?
Yeah, I’ve got flowers and stuff. At the last demo, a girl gave me an Aqua Teen Hunger Force toy and a patch.

ilovespanky: Do the obsessed girls at demos annoy you?
No, not really. A fan is a fan, and that’s always good. It’s better than people hating you.

ilovespanky: What was the most exciting thing that happened on Heath’s Harley Tour?
Probably finding camping spots. We camped in the grass at a veterinarian, renegade-style. An alarm went off and the cops came, but they were cool and let us stay. They liked the big American flag on the back of Heath’s bike.

emerica_machine: What’s your favorite colorway of your KSL 1 shoe?
Black / Green.

-(emerica)-: Have you ever chewed gum to the point where it loses its structure and breaks down into a nasty liquid?
That’s a cool question. No, but I do enjoy chewing it with ice cold water so it gets all hard and hurts your jaw. Each bite is cool and refreshing, but painful.

FAT EMERICAN: What’s your favorite episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and who is your favorite character?
Master Shake, hands down. My favorite episode is Revenge of the Mooninites, because Ignignokt and Err are awesome and completely torturous.

frotastic717: Do you have a page on MySpace?
No. At almost every demo I go to, a lot of kids say that they talked to me online last night and that I yelled at them. It’s not me, ever. I don’t Blab on the Emerica site, either.

Edashcash: Do you still couch surf?
No. Well, maybe technically. I’m staying at Justin Regan’s, but not on a couch. I have a room.

iskateemerica: Say you’re at a friend’s place really early in the morning and everybody’s passed out and you have to shit. Is it better to flush and wake everyone up, or just leave it fuming?
Just leave it fuming.

chomponthis: I notice you have a tendency to wear your hats crooked. Do you have a third eye on the side of your face that you need to keep the sun off of?
(Laughs) No. It’s mostly because I hate my left eye and I don’t want it to have shade, so the sun’s rays can ruin it as soon as possible. Left eye damage is key.

SKATEtheRoZes 4D: Spanky, what does it take to be a situationeer like you?
I’m not sure I understand that question. A lack of sleep and an unclear mind?

ilovespanky: On tour, who annoys you to the point that you are ready to beat the shit out of them?
Usually, myself.

konfuzionisbad: Do you have a girlfriend, or do you have ho’s in different area codes?
Laughs, No I don’t have a girlfriend. But ho-wise, I like to stick to a certain few area codes.

Mineral Ice: Which spots are you sick of seeing in skate videos?
I like ’em all. I’m sick of ’em all. I don’t know what I’m sick of.

ilovespanky: What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?
That is a deep question. I can’t think of an answer right now.

BowiecommaDavid: Why were you modeling in Elle Girl?
I got swayed into that because Alex Parker really needed the money, and I didn’t care because I didn’t think anyone would see it.

RVCA: Do you like to be called Spanky or Kevin?
I don’t care, ever. I never realize which name people are calling me, except for my parents or a girlfriend. I like my parents or a girlfriend to call me Kevin. It’s weird if they call me Spanky.

ilovespanky: Growing up, what was the hardest part about life?
I was a pretty carefree child. I had a good childhood.

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  1. when did you find out when you wanted to go pro

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  2. Spanky, Spanky, Spanky thats about all i can say!!!!!!

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  3. Spanky, Spanky, Spanky thats about all i can say!!!!!!

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  4. how do you get your questions put on one of these?

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  5. check out my page

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