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suski back smithin

EmErIcA_ToWnEnD16: What’s your favorite obstacle to skate?
I’d have to say any kind of bank or bump to something. I like obscure, interesting architecture, as well.

SKATEtheRoZes 4D: How did the Suski grind come about from the 5-0?
That’s just how I’ve been doing my backside 5-0’s for years. However, I learned normal backside 5-0’s when people started calling mine the Suski grind.

CrackKilledMyGoat: What are your favorite spots to skate?
New York City, Spain, Oz, and the parks of Arizona.

AlienWorkshop77: What motivated you to switch over to Birdhouse from 5boro?
More opportunities.

Bakerrr6856: What did you think of the course at Soka Fest in St. Louis? Some pros said they liked it, while others hated it.
It could have been better. The ground was brutal and I’ve definitely seen better set-ups, but if you were there, you saw everybody got busy regardless. Skateboarding is sick like that. Skate anything, make do with what you have, and usually you’ll see some amazing things go down that you wouldn’t have thought possible. Sesh on.

UK_Emerica: Does the diversity of terrain you skate help make the Emerica team more varied?
I think so. Don’t you?

bigemerica: Which is your favorite shoe?
I’ve been rocking the Ellington for quite a while now, but might switch it up to Spanky’s shoe, the KSL 1.

Wallie: Who is the best unknown skater?
Brandon Westgate. Oh, wait. He just had an Emerica ad.

Wallie: Who has the best style?
There’s quite a few. Jimi Hendrix, Matt Rodriguez, Mississippi John Hurts, Kenny Reed, Bob Dylan, Spanky, Jimmy Page, John Cardiel, Rainer Ptacek, Marc Johnson, Andrew Reynolds, Howe Gelb, so many.

NitrousX: Describe a funny and memorable experience from your skateboarding life.
Damn, there’s been a lot, but I would have to say the 5boro road trips were always memorable. I remember one time we were coming home from a long weekend of demos in Seamus’ caravan. We were going through a small town somewhere in Pennsylvania on a Sunday afternoon, when the van decided to puke. It didn’t quite die on us, but we couldn’t go faster than six mph. We ended up stopping at a couple of places to ask for help. One place looked like a garage straight out of Dukes of Hazard. There was a dog with two different color eyes, some cars torn apart with scraps laying around and a couple of old men drinking some brews in front.

We pulled up and asked if one of them could take a look at the engine. One of the old men replied, "We don’t work on them computer cars." Hmmm? It was a 1991 Dodge Caravan. It wasn’t much of a computer car! Anyway, we finally came across a Chevy dealership down the road. The six of us all waited in the car while Seamus went inside to try to persuade the mechanic to come check out the van. Meanwhile, we were all bored and stir crazy, so we decided to pop the hood and check out the engine ourselves, even though none of us had any mechanical knowledge. So, there we were, staring at this greasy-ass engine, and the next thing you know, we drew male and female body parts all over the battery, air filter, cables, etc. We were all like, "Well, here’s your problem. See, your pussy isn’t getting enough cock, the ass needs a good cleaning, and you should probably replace the tits while you’re at it." To top things off, we also stuffed a fake severed arm in the fan belt.

All of a sudden, Seamus was walking back to the van with the not-so-happy mechanic. Keep in mind it was Sunday afternoon and homie probably didn’t want to be working, much less help a bunch of dirty skateboarders. As soon as we saw them come out, we had to walk away and try not to bust out in hysterics. They both looked at the engine and found none of it humorous. Seamus found the severed arm and threw it back in the van. Well, to make a long story longer, we never got the van fixed and had to drive six mph the rest of the way home. We made a fun trip out of it anyway. It’s all an adventure, so get moving and go on a road trip.

BoardBreaker: What’s your biggest inspiration?

chasetherooster: Aaron, my man, you are most excellent. When you have something stuck in your teeth and floss is in short supply, like in the car, do you sometimes pull off loose threads from your clothes and use that? Peace.
Whoa! That’s a good one! I usually use a piece of cardboard from the back of a matchbook, but I’m eager to try your technique next time. Thanks.

MrYads: Was your split with 5boro on good terms? Do you actually ever read skateboarding message boards, or do you just think it’s a bunch of kids talking poo about people they don’t even know?
Yes, yeah, and uh-huh.

camden_emerica99: Which is you favorite place (fast food restaurant) to pig out at?
In-N-Out, yo. That’s actually the only fast food restaurant I eat at.

rockstar: What’s it like working with Tony Hawk?
I haven’t worked with him.

abec-1: Have you and Chris Senn ever skated together? If so, what’s that like?
Yeah, Chris is rad. It’s always enjoyable to skate with him. He will shred anything. I just recently got back from Hawaii, where Fuel TV did a First Hand episode featuring Chris, Tosh and I building a mini-ramp in his back yard. Good times.

abec-1: Do you enjoy demos and signings?
Yeah, sure...most of the time.

abec-1: What is the craziest thing a fan has ever asked you to sign?
Up in Ohio, the whole Volcom team signed a Ford Explorer with spray paint.

emerican562: What ever happened with the lights dimming out just as you hit the big red rail in Emerica’s This is Skateboarding DVD?
Oh man, that shit was scary. First of all, I was going so fast for that thing. I got to the end of the ramp, and right before I hit my tail, the lights went out. Somehow, I managed to place my foot on the end of the metal beam and just jumped the eight feet to the ground. It felt like I was falling farther, because I couldn’t tell where the ground was. Luckily, I landed on my feet and walked away safely. That kind of blew the sesh for a little while, but I eventually skated it again.

chomponthis: I know you play guitar. What are some of your favorite covers to play? Do you also write your own songs?
I like to rock some Dylan and Neil Young covers, maybe a little Forever Young, North Country Blues or World on a String. I have some jams of my own, too.

suski guitar

xEmericaxBakerx: What did you think of Wild in the Streets?

nativemerican: Favorite cereal?
Stuff with granola and raisins. Throw some bananas in that piece and I’m pretty stoked.

abec-1: Are you a morning or night kind of guy?
A little bit of both.

abec-1: What’s the best thing that’s ever came out of a demo or signing?
The smiles.

abec-1: Do you watch a lot of TV?
No. I do like movies, though.

sk8emerica63: If you didn’t make a living skating, what would you be doing?
Skating, working, living.

SpAnKy ShOeS RuLe: I noticed that you never got really angry in This is Skateboarding. Do you not have a fierce temper like, for example, Heath Kirchart?
I try to stay focused, but, oh boy, I have my moments.

Alonso: What’s the worst fall you have experienced?
I believe it was the fall of 1984.

EnjoiSk8er287: Who’s your favorite am to watch skate these days?
Brandon Westgate! Oh, and Omar Salazar is sick, too.

Quaroon: You visited Holland not that long ago. What did you like about the country? And how was biking through the typical Dutch landscapes?
I liked the canals that run through some of the cities. That gives them a lot of character. The coffee shops are always a nice treat, and the relaxed attitude over there is nice, too. The bike riding? Straight up comical.

emerica11: Is your mom really black? That’s just a rumor I heard.
She’s not black, but she’s definitely gangster.

the#12lookslikeyou: Would you rather skate the perfect skatepark or the perfect street spot?
Yo, can’t I just get a little bit of both?

sk8_4_life: How often do you break decks and wear out shoes, even if they are strong?
I haven’t broken a Birdhouse deck in a while, but I usually go through about four to eight decks a month, depending on what and how much I’m skating. I usually go through about two pairs of shoes a month. Then I hand them down to homies.

CrackKilledMyGoat: Do you have any plans of starting a family?
Someday it would be nice.

emerica11: Do you skate better in a huge skate sesh surrounded by people, or just a couple of people and no one else around?

emerica11: Do you have tinted windows on your car so the pigs can’t see what you’re doing?
I don’t have a car.

emerica11: What is your favorite country for skating besides the U.S.?
Spain and Australia.

J3553: If there was one thing you could change about your part in This is Skateboarding, what would it be?
What’s done is done.

rockstar: If you were on a road trip with a bunch of skaters, family or friends, who would you bring?
Who are you? Is this a trick?

chomponthis: Do you believe in life after death? If so, do you believe in the Christian-type heaven / eternal damnation, or reincarnation?
All we are is dust in the wind.

the 80’s: I love the style of skating that you bring to Emerica! How does it feel to have such a different style than all of the stair and rail-prone guys on the team?
Thanks, homie! I guess it feels nice. We all skate what we want to skate. It’s cool like that. Diversity is always good.

abec-1: Do you like to read?
I do like to read, but I don’t do it enough.

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