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You asked for it, you got it! This is the second in a series of "Member’s Only" interviews. After poring over the nearly five-hundred questions you guys asked him, Emerica pro Tosh Townend spent a good amount of time coming up with some killer answers. Thanks to all the Kids who participated. Stay tuned, future installments of "Member’s Only" interviews are in the works. Enjoy!

tosh has bad acne

public enemy #13: DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! When did ya start?Where did ya sk8 at?Who’s your biggest influence ever?
I always skate the HB Skatepark when I’m home. Andrew Reynolds is one of my biggest influences.

Chubby_Cheeks: Hey Tosh...i think your totally hot, and your skating is awsome but if you could give any advice to someone who is just now starting to skate what would you tell them? you should come visit spring branch, texas
Just practice, skate as much as you can, and try to get comfortable on your board.

EmErIcA_ToWnEnD16: hey tosh, well im from huntington beach like you and i just wanted to know what was the first trick you did at the huntington skate park and how often do you skate there? thnx..!
I started skating the HB skatepark when it first opened, before any of the flat bars were in. I skate there as much as I can.

PiNk FlOyd is the best: what kind of deodorant do you use?
Jason’s Tea Tree deodorant...they sell it at Mother’s Market.

girlfromthegoldy: gday Tosh! I actually found out about you and got into your skating thru this chick surf mag over here in Oz and I got to see you skate at the Element demo at the grindhouse, it was awesome. Anyway, Seeing as tho your dad was originally from the Gold Coast does he ever bring you back over here to check out the area?If so, how often do you get to come here and do you like it? (its a bit off the topic, but have you got to surf the superbank?)by the way you should update your website or something its awesome looking at all your photos from around the globe!
My website is currently being updated. I’ve been meaning to work on it for a while, but traveling has just kept me too busy. Check back on soon. I usually go back to the Goldy about once a year and I love to surf the Superbank. I’m planning on being there this December with my whole family for Christmas and my grandfather’s 80th b-day.

BoardBreaker: dearest tosh.for a while ago i talked to a person on MSN Messenger, that claimed to be Tosh Townend. i asked him several questions about Peter Townend and stuff. When i talked to him, he said he was in Australia with the Element team, and he once walked away cause the team manager wanted to talk to him. His nicknames has also been names like "Arto UR a Nutter", and "Remember my birthday, spanky?".His Hotmail-adress is: tosh_townend_17@hotmail.comThis whole thing has frustrated me alot, and i hope you will answer my question; is this you, the real Tosh Townend, i’ve been talking to, or is it a crazy fan?I hope you will take the time to answer myt question. :DSincerely, BoardBreaker
I don’t have a Hotmail account...that wasn’t me.

switchblade_surgeon: What is the one place in the world you have never been to and plan on visiting sometime soon?

I’d like to visit Africa or Jamaica.

switchblade_surgeon: Do you ever prefer to surf rather than skate?
Yeah, when my ankles are hurting, I like to surf instead.

switchblade_surgeon: When you get old and don’t skate professionaly do you still think you will have a job in the skate industry?
That’s a definite possibility.

UK_Emerica: i, like you have ankle problems,how do you get through?
Ice, exercises to strengthen your ankle, and a really good doctor.

hellskater88: what are your other hobbies besides skating?
Surfing, creating art, hanging with friends, and recently my mom and sister have been trying to get me into yoga.

KWkrudco88: How fast do you go through a pair of shoes?
A least one pair a just depends how much I’m skating.

nut_sak_himself: blunts or j’s?
Rice paper.

nut_sak_himself: leather or suede?

BoardBreaker: hey tosh. In the slam in the beginning of your TIS part, where you fucks your ancle up, you’re wearing the awesomest t-shirt ever! The Christiania tshirt with the 3 yellow dots. I’m from denmark, and I have family in Christiania.I suppose you have been there, or have you?I really ppreciate that you’re wearing it, cause Christiania is threatened by the govournment
I heard Christiana got shut that true? Email me back at my site:

diego menendez: In all your years in the skateboarding industry what has been the highlight / highlights of it all. Why do you like riding for Emerica. Is it the team as people? The shoes? What is some advice for anyone who hurts there ankles as badly as you have in the past. how did you overcome the injury.In what ways was filming for your Sight Unseen part any different from filming for your This is Skateboarding part.How do you prepare for big tricks like your feeble down El Toro? Do you gradualy get comfortable to doing that trick down larger rails / gaps?How do you feel about skating contest?If you could describe each of your Emerica team mates with one word each what would they be?one more thing. could you tell jon miner i said whats up. im the dude that gave heath all those fire works. i hope you guys enjoyed em. sincerely diego menendez
I love riding for Emerica...they make great shoes and the team is awesome. Contest skating is all right, I just prefer to be out skating new spots and trying new things rather than competing all the time.

diego menendez: do you ever write back your fans that email you from your web site?
Yes, I try to answer as many as I can.

EmErIcA_ToWnEnD16: Who are you very close to in your family and why?
I’m very close to all of my family, but especially to my dad. He’s always been very supportive of my skateboarding.

emerica11: Do you ever just like to chill like at a curb or a parking lot and just skate for fun and mess around?
I like to go to the bank parking lot by my house and mess around on the curbs.

misslee-d: How is it having a dad who is a world champian surfer?And if you could do anything for the rest of your life would you rather: skate, surf, or be a loser stoner.
I’m very thankful for it, he’s always helping me out and giving me good advice. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my mom and dad. If I could only do one thing for the rest of my life, I’d probably surf, because I’ve been hurting myself too much skating...but I still love to skate.

MORECOREIN2004: HEY TOSH, what do you think about all these kid hating on you because you have a different style on skateboarding?

There’s tons of haters out there. All those haters need to stop talking shit and find something better to do with their time...maybe they should go skate.

MapleSkateboardGurl: Hey Tosh first u think switchblade_surgeon asked to many questions?j/kUh wat type of Music r u into? and wats u’re favorite band?
Reggae and hip-hop.

kay: dear tosh,what is your favorite food?
I love to eat at Jan’s Health Bar in HB.

Zeroistic Emerican: Hey Tosh, you rock. I have a problem, I get scared a lot when skating stuff. Like olleing down a set that I’ve done before, when I get up to it I just stop and either can’t do it or eventually I land it. I bugs me because I just can’t get over stupid things like that. I hope you have some advice on how to overcome stuff like that.Your fan,David P.
You’ve just got to overcome it. I just look at it once, feel my legs shake and go, "Okay I’m ready!"

YoungGun: Hey tosh, have you ever got any other shoe sponsorship offers? I just dont want a sick skater like you to sell out like paul and that nike deal
Yeah, there have been a few other offers, but I choose to be a part of Emerica because I believe in what they are all about.

EmErIcA_ToWnEnD16: Do you ever come on this mb and read the blabs about you?
I’m reading right now... aren’t I?

ToshPunkSk8r: whats ur middle name?

Szafranski04: Okat Tosh, I hear that you have hit some lady while driving in your car while you were high, is this true? If so, how long do you think you will be in jail because I heard the lady died?
No, I’m not going to jail and I was not high. I was completely sober. However, I was involved in a very unfortunate accident.

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