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Finally! We’re ready to announce the Winners of the Emerica T-shirt Design Contest.

A few months back, we posted a T-shirt template on for all of you Kids to print out and draw the most interesting Emerica T-shirt graphic you could muster! And muster you did! We received a whopping 3,500 drawings online, plus an additional 1,400 via snail mail—that’s nearly 5,000 entries total!

Needless to say, it took us a while to sift through them all, thin the herd and come up with a winner. Sorry it took so long, but choosing was so difficult, we were actually forced to allow six winners instead of just one! All six of the winning designs will be used in the official Spring 2005 Emerica apparel line, so look for them in shops then.

Without further ado, the six winners are:

Jon-En, of the UK, age 14, with the Banner

emerican idol
Josh, of Michigan, age 18, with the Emerican Idol

the hand
Trevor, of New Hampshire, age 16, with the Hand

space invaders
David, of the UK, age 14, with Space Invaders

Justin, of California, age 16, with the Radio

Travis, of South Carolina, age 13, with the Winner

Each winner will receive three pairs of Emerica shoes and a T-shirt bearing his winning design—not to mention full bragging rights for designing a T-shirt graphic that is in the official Emerica Spring 2005 line.

We’d sincerely like to thank everyone who entered the contest. We had a blast looking through all of your insane designs. Keep your eyes peeled for more online contests and other action here at, your source for all things Emerica.

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(9) responses to: Design-A-Tee I Winners!

  1. that third one is legit

    Ebiney's Emeritar Ebiney Posted:
  2. the hand

    casa's Emeritar casa Posted:
  3. da radio is sick

    kreg's Emeritar kreg Posted:
  4. that space invaders one is sick along with the hand

    bing bong's Emeritar bing bong Posted:
  5. the hand has 6 fingers.. no wonder i couldnt do it hahaha

    r1cky's Emeritar r1cky Posted:
  6. sick shirts steeeeeez

    nat's Emeritar nat Posted:
  7. yo sick shit steez fo sho haha

    nat's Emeritar nat Posted:
  8. who ever said that...they suck BALLS....

    mike 's Emeritar mike Posted:
  9. if only the hand was a little better turned like clockwise you know what i mean?

    emvangel's Emeritar emvangel Posted:

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