Design-A-Tee IV Winners!

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Once again, to Empower the ranks of Emerican youth, we posted a T-shirt template here on the site for you to print out and draw the most creative Emerica T-shirt graphic you could muster.

We received at least a couple of thousand entries total via email and snail mail, sifted through them all, thinned out the herd, and came up with these three winning beauties—all lovingly and painstakingly designed by you ever-creative Kids!

To give them props, each winner’s name, age and hometown is screen-printed on the inside bottom cuff of each shirt.

Tim Hill, age 25, of Sussex, United Kingdom

pork chops
Ricardo Antonio Baez, age 23, of Guarenas, Miranda, Venezuela

Raymond Rivera, age 19, of Mesquite, Nevada

Each winner receives three pairs of Emerica shoes of their choice and five T-shirts bearing their winning design—not to mention full bragging rights for designing a T-shirt graphic that will be included in an official future Emerica Apparel line.

We’d sincerely like to thank everyone who entered the Emerica Design-A-Tee IV contest. We had a blast sorting through all of your designs.

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(4) responses to: Design-A-Tee IV Winners!

  1. That second one is good.

    popwar4life's Emeritar popwar4life Posted:
  2. i have the second one only it's black with the cops drawn in white.

    spaztyk-cysst's Emeritar spaztyk-cysst Posted:
  3. There's mine! Glad to see they still have these on the site. I still have the shoes.

    Raymond's Emeritar Raymond Posted:
  4. I want to get sponsored by bakerskateboards

    quameire miller's Emeritar quameire miller Posted:

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