Coming Soon: New Emerica 2.0 Site

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All of you dedicated Emericans better get ready for Phase 1 of the brand-new Emerica 2.0 Web site, which will launch soon. This new online headquarters for Emerica will be much more visually appealing and user-friendly. Just for starters, team riders, products and news will be easily visible and accessible on most pages. Phase 2 and 3, scheduled to launch a while later, will have many more features that will blow you away. But we can’t talk about that yet. It’s top secret.

But, we will need the help of some Beta testers. So, if you’re a regular EMB lurker, we might invite you to help out. Definitely stay tuned to the Emerica site. It’s going to blow away the rest of the skate industry’s Web presence, which won’t be too hard to do, since most of their lame sites are so comfortable kickin’ it back in the ’90s! Ha-ha!

This is all part of Emerica’s ongoing campaign to Empower today’s skateboarding youth.

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