Team Report 01-12-06

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Emerica pro Andrew Reynolds continues to skate a lot around Los Angeles and spend time with his wife and daughter at their home in Hollywood.

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Emerica pro Heath Kirchart is now able to ride his Harley again after breaking his collarbone last month. In fact, he went on a ride with his friends over the weekend up the coast to Santa Barbara.

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Emerica pro Ed Templeton’s The Fogged Mirror art show premiered at the Roberts and Tilton Gallery in Los Angeles last Saturday. Emerica pros Heath Kirchart, Kevin “Spanky” Long and Leo Romero joined a huge throng to check out Ed’s paintings. The show is amazing, so if you’re in the Los Angeles area, you should go check it out. It will be up until February 4.

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Emerica pro Leo Romero has been skating around Los Angeles, filming and shooting photos for a Thrasher interview.

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Still laid up in a cast, Emerica pro Bryan Herman has been chillin’ at his home in Victorville, California. Since he hasn’t been skating, he’s become quite the pool shark. Bryan also continues to master his numerous video games.

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Emerica pro Austin Stephens is out skating around Long Beach and Los Angeles, filming with Toy Machine Team Manager and filmer Kevin Barnett.

Emerica pro Aaron Suski went on a nature hike this week with some friends to the Wilderness of Rocks on Mt. Lemon in the mountain range surrounding Tucson, Arizona. Suski hiked about five miles and got pretty worked, but he said it was worth it to enjoy the amazing views. He has also been skating around Tucson filming for the upcoming Birdhouse video.

Emerica pro Chris Senn is heading out to the Volcom Mini-Ramp Jam at the Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida that is going down this weekend. There’s $25,000 on the line, so it should be a pretty heated sesh. Let’s all root for Senn-Dog!

Emerica am Matt Allen has been skating with Foundation filmer Greg this week. Matt continues to session the hubbas and other obstacles set up in his backyard on a daily basis.

Emerica am Braydon Szafranski has been out skating around Los Angeles.

Emerica am Brandon Westgate is out in SoCal for a bit, filming for the upcoming Birdhouse video and skating with the rest of the Emerica team.

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