Dan Allen

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Dan Allen
Gurnee, Illinois

I get a lot of Sponsor Me videos from so many kids out there. It’s great to see so many skaters doing what they love and skating so many different obstacles. It’s interesting to see how people skate a certain spot. Sometimes, people skate something you normally would just pass up without even thinking you could skate it. It gets me stoked to see people who ride unique obstacles. Dan Allen is one those people. You can tell he’s very creative by the way he looks at spots and the tricks he does on them. Some of the things that stood out to me in this video were the drop-in on the dumpster, the heelflip manual to backside lipslide on the steps, and the wall ride over the gap at the end. Dan skates fast and rips all types of terrain, which is always good. Thanks for sending in your video, Dan. You just earned yourself a brand new pair of Emerica shoes! —Jeff Henderson

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(24) responses to: Dan Allen

  1. Nice Style dude.

    micheal's Emeritar micheal Posted:
  2. your good

    skatesd's Emeritar skatesd Posted:
  3. Decent

    StlThrash's Emeritar StlThrash Posted:
  4. hes alright

    skatesd's Emeritar skatesd Posted:
  5. 6 years old and skating like a teenager. 5 competitions and placed in all of them.

    Please see my sons website with videos - you will not be disappointed.

    He is a lil ripper that will make you say -- what ?? Video #2 is sick- 16 ft roll-in to CLEARING a 7ft flybox at the age of 6 !!!!!

    He loves Emerica sneakers the best and he wears them out very quickly. He skates 3-4 hours daily and 7-10 hours on the weekend days.

    Thank you for your time in advance,
    Steven Krouth

    steve's Emeritar steve Posted:
  6. pretty good

    vbsk8r08's Emeritar vbsk8r08 Posted:
  7. that guy rips like hell

    Pony Boy's Emeritar Pony Boy Posted:
  8. Pony Boy's Emeritar Pony Boy Posted:
  9. you suck

    jboo's Emeritar jboo Posted:
  10. you suck

    jboo's Emeritar jboo Posted:
  11. get a better stlye you move your arms way to much when you land ur shit and fuckin ur to fat to waer tight pants

    jboo's Emeritar jboo Posted:
  12. what can you do jboo

    skatesd's Emeritar skatesd Posted:
  13. jboo, wtf can u do. u prolly suck ass.

    praisetheBoard's Emeritar praisetheBoard Posted:
  14. that dood's way good

    that1dood's Emeritar that1dood Posted:
  15. american ripper

    nicola's Emeritar nicola Posted:
  16. core shop rulzzzz

    nicola's Emeritar nicola Posted:
  17. Ev1LEmericaskater's Emeritar Ev1LEmericaskater Posted:
  18. DUDE ur awesome

    Ev1LEmericaskater's Emeritar Ev1LEmericaskater Posted:
  19. dammm mane!!!!! soooo goood

    ROached's Emeritar ROached Posted:
  20. good,very good, but not enough flips of handrail tricks

    i-love-emerica's Emeritar i-love-emerica Posted:
  21. yeah needs more hand rails, and maybe some more stairs, but other than that, have fun with it.

    reppy's Emeritar reppy Posted:
  22. your style decimates completely

    skullzone's Emeritar skullzone Posted:
  23. dudes fuckin sooo good.

    gbabybaby's Emeritar gbabybaby Posted:
  24. ^ see more of him there

    gbabybaby's Emeritar gbabybaby Posted:

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