Team Report 01-20-06

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drew poopin

Andrew Reynolds has some top-secret hammer plans for a few Los Angeles area skate spots. Keep an ear to the ground for his thunder. Speaking of hammers, check the sequence of Drew’s backside 360 ollie down a 13 stair in Redondo Beach, California in the March 2006 issue of The Skateboard Mag. Damn, that’s hot!

Heath Kirchart has been keeping busy working on his Subsect skate shop in Des Moines, Iowa. Stay tuned for an upcoming Emerica signing and demo there.

Ed Templeton is working on his New Year’s resolution to start working out. He had been really busy the last couple of months painting for his Fogged Mirror art show. Now that the show has opened, Ed has more time to get on his skateboard and shred around SoCal.

spanky slurpin

Kevin “Spanky” Long was out in Victorville, California this week with the Spitfire guys to do a little skating and hang out with Bryan Herman. Herman is still walking around in a cast, but he showed some hospitality to his guests by allowing them to skate the buttery hubbas in his backyard. Spanky has also been filming like crazy around Los Angeles with Emerica filmer Jon Miner.

miner and bryan

Austin Stephens is in the process of moving to a new pad in Long Beach, California. He has been filming a lot with the Toy Machine guys. If you haven’t seen it already, check out this awesome photo of Austin that was shot a few years ago, but never ran anywhere until now on the Toy Machine Web site.

Aaron Suski has been home in Tucson, Arizona long enough and is itching to go on another exotic trip. Luckily, Volcom is taking Suski out to the Cayman Islands to ride the Black Pearl Skatepark for a few days.

Chris Senn just returned home from Orlando, Florida, where he tore it up and got 7th place at the Volcom Mini-Ramp Jam.

brandons homie

Braydon Szafranski and Brandon Westgate will be heading out to Miami, Florida tomorrow with Emerica flow riders Marquis Preston and DJ Fort to get some skating in before heading to the Tampa Am contest next week.

leo and poopface

Leo Romero and Spanky will join the trip to film in Miami with Jon Miner and Emerica Team Manager Hal 3000. Thrasher photographer Michael Burnett will be on board, as well, so expect to see some coverage sometime in the near future.

Matt Allen is chillin’ with Herman in Victorville. He has been clocking lots of footage lately and has been working on some new moves on the hubbas in his backyard.

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