Leo and Spanky at RVCA + Pharmacy Demos!

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Join Emerica pros Leo Romero, Kevin "Spanky" Long and the rest of the RVCA team for, count 'em, three RVCA demos at Pharmacy Boardshops in California at Victorville on Saturday, February 4; Palmdale on Sunday, February 5; and Fontana on Sunday, February 12. All three demos start at 2:00 p.m. Visit the Pharmacy site for more details.

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(3) responses to: Leo and Spanky at RVCA + Pharmacy Demos!

  1. These demo's are most likely one of a kind too bad i cant get out to see one of them i would be stoked! but yeah if you live in that area you should go! RVCA team + Pizza = PRICELESS!

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  2. I went to those demos and they were really cool leo tore it up like no other

    Young Emerican's Emeritar Young Emerican Posted:
  3. did any1 see that 3 flip? it was nuts
    i went and it was so fresh so clean

    vizz101's Emeritar vizz101 Posted:

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