Team Report 02-02-06

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When he's not spending time at home with his wife and daughter, Andrew Reynolds has been hanging out at the Emerica Mansion II in Hollywood. In fact, he was there yesterday for a photo shoot with Emerica teammates Heath Kirchart, Leo Romero, Kevin “Spanky” Long and Braydon Szafranski. Heath skated around a little bit for the first time since he was hit by a car a couple of months ago. Check out his Alien Workshop ad in the February 2006 issue of Thrasher.
Ed Templeton has been working out at the gym lately and getting ripped. He is also skating around a SoCal a bit. Ed will be heading out to Europe later this month for a few art shows.


Spanky, Leo, Braydon and Brandon Westgate just flew home from a trip to Florida, where they filmed in Miami and then headed up to Tampa Am. Braydon went for round two on the white hubba that he did a frontside bluntslide kickflip out of in Baker 3. Another flip-out trip went down that you’ll see in a Baker ad really soon. Leo has been killing it in the mags lately, with a three-page Baker ad in TransWorld, a RVCA ad in The Skateboard Mag, and a Thunder ad and a sick full-page photo of him icing his face in Slap.


Bryan Herman still has a cast on his leg. He came down to the Emerica offices recently to work on some future colorways for his upcoming pro model shoe, the Herman. Bryan’s shoe will be on the shelves of your local skate shop next month, so be sure to start saving your lunch money.

Aaron Suski went on a trip out to the Cayman Islands with Volcom this past week, where he ripped up the Black Pearl Skatepark. He is now back in Tucson, Arizona.  

Chris Senn is at home in Hawaii, skating his local terrain and surfing.  

Austin Stephens just moved into a new spot in Long Beach, California and has been going out skating with the Toy Machine team.


Matt Allen is skating a lot in Victorville, California. His car broke down, so he’s stranded out there, but he’s been on a serious skate program lately and handling business none-the-less.  

Although he was home for just two days after Florida, Brandon Westgate is already taking off on another trip. Now he's going down to Brazil for a week for a Red Bull contest. Brandon has been killing it in the mags lately, with a New Jack in The Skateboard Mag, a Who’s Hot in Skateboarder and a Volcom ad.

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(10) responses to: Team Report 02-02-06

  1. Someone said Matt Allen sucks now, i will never believe that.

    hammer-time's Emeritar hammer-time Posted:
  2. Matt Allen may not be as on top of the ball as he use to, but he is still getting hammers. Im sure of it! Hes always been pretty gnarly and its also good to hear Heath has been pushing around to recovery. Good Luck Heath!

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  3. when is matt gonna get a new car so that he can go skate places...

    andy's Emeritar andy Posted:
  4. He doesnt need one, he has a perfect spot in his backyard lol. nah im sure he'll get one soon enough.....

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  5. yeah spanky's hot.

    guyya's Emeritar guyya Posted:
  6. man AR looks like a pro when hes not even skateboarding

    brokenboardsforever's Emeritar brokenboardsforever Posted:
  7. aR's the shit

    vbsk8r08's Emeritar vbsk8r08 Posted:
  8. andrew reynolds has style he is the shit

    baker3reynolds13's Emeritar baker3reynolds13 Posted:
  9. Is eric ellington still on the emrica team?

    Iggy's Emeritar Iggy Posted:
  10. no ellington got out.

    SK8DESTROYER's Emeritar SK8DESTROYER Posted:

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