Leo Romero Backside Lip

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Leo Romero Backside Lip

Leo Romero Backside Lip

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(10) responses to: Leo Romero Backside Lip

  1. Alter Schwede! Riesen Dingen! Rock on!

    emericana's Emeritar emericana Posted:
  2. Backlip is fucking sick.

    Richie's Emeritar Richie Posted:

    hakanson's Emeritar hakanson Posted:
  4. uuuuuuuugh bs lips are the freakin sickest slide........... righteous

    zombieskaterdude's Emeritar zombieskaterdude Posted:
  5. Leo is my Hero

    Atlpopwar1's Emeritar Atlpopwar1 Posted:
  6. léo is the best !!!

    trackeur's Emeritar trackeur Posted:
  7. Whats up leo thanks for going to Lancaster pharmacy demo you were sick

    SPIKE's Emeritar SPIKE Posted:
  8. damn!!!!!now try a kickflip-back lip!!!!
    thats sick!!!!!

    sk8_n_destroy's Emeritar sk8_n_destroy Posted:
  9. hi my names is leeo to and i like you styl and you kick me in skate xD // from swd

    Leo's Emeritar Leo Posted:
  10. you should be spon. you are good

    jperez's Emeritar jperez Posted:

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