Mark Cultice

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Mark Cultice
Plymouth, Indiana

Starting out with a slam on a sweet frontside flip down eight, resulting in the splits and some bad-ass board breakage, Mark Cultice from Plymouth, Indiana follows up this startling intro with a smooth frontside 180 down the same set. He then pulls off a slew of other daredevil maneuvers on a variety of terrain like benches, fences, ledges, rails, stairs, walls and some lines at a Skate Plaza.
Like most sponsor me footage, though, there are a few tricks and lines in here that suffer a bit from less-than-solid landings and some slow skating. I think it's safe to say we're about due for a visit from Old Man Screamer: "If you little rascals ever expect to get sponsored by any company, you really need to notch it up in the haulin’ ass department, dag nabbit!"

Before you attempt that next safe backtail, psyche yourself up and go into veteran mode, put your warface on, and push at that ledge like a demon from hell. If you haven’t already gotten a trip to the ER and at least 9 stitches in your chin resulting from a failed backtail attempt, you’re probably doing them too slow.
Although the footage is of varying quality, ranging from crystal clear to a little blurry, Mark has done a good job putting it together. Congrats, Mark. Keep it coming, and enjoy your free pair of Emerica shoes!--Post King

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(111) responses to: Mark Cultice

  1. nice video and finally someone from indiana

    ice's Emeritar ice Posted:
  2. its cool, but he needs other variety of tricks, besides k-flips and ollies, like there were no 360 flips or and of the sort, but other than that it was badass

    Pony Boy's Emeritar Pony Boy Posted:
  3. Thats cool that ther is someone from Indiana!Rick Eusey and Steve Fauser are Flow for Emerica so they're sponsor me footy should be on here!

    Chandler's Emeritar Chandler Posted:
  4. Hey thanks for the review emerica really enjoy it! THANKS A LOT!!!! much appriciated! And thanks for the honesty and the criticism.

    - Mark

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  5. Hey thanks for the review emerica really enjoy it! THANKS A LOT!!!! much appriciated! And thanks for the honesty and the criticism.

    - Mark

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  6. He looks like a mix of Spanky and Gareth Stehr.

    kingkevin's Emeritar kingkevin Posted:
  7. i totally agree kevin.

    guyya's Emeritar guyya Posted:
  8. hes good and so was the video

    skatesd's Emeritar skatesd Posted:
  9. go fast as hell and it would be badass.

    666's Emeritar 666 Posted:
  10. dayum he shreads like a mofo

    yea he does look like spanky

    SponserThis123's Emeritar SponserThis123 Posted:
  11. The man that did my review invented the boneless!!!! Garry Davis you rock! much love man!

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  12. that was sick!!!
    sick style to!!

    chrisk8's Emeritar chrisk8 Posted:
  13. i thought it was pretty cool how when he fell on the frontside flip, he didnt get all mad, instead he got up laughing. thats cool he has a positive attitude... i also thought the rest was pretty good to

    cody's Emeritar cody Posted:
  14. your pretty good i was at the plaza that day you back 50-50 the 7 stair rail. nice footage just skate a little faster!

    sbemerican's Emeritar sbemerican Posted:
  15. your good
    ps the ramones rulzzz

    nicola's Emeritar nicola Posted:
  16. you are a really!! good!! skater!!! You did a fantastic job with the video editing, the music is perfect!!! The sky is the limit buddy, keep up the hard dedicated work!!! It is really going to pay off!! MOM

    suzieqtpy's Emeritar suzieqtpy Posted:
  17. You are good is very nice.yeah.

    Uras's Emeritar Uras Posted:
  18. Strait up gangsta.

    vices 's Emeritar vices Posted:
  19. Don't slow down until your face melts off.

    vices 's Emeritar vices Posted:
  20. Not too bad, just need a little more variety and some speed.

    StlThrash's Emeritar StlThrash Posted:
  21. pretty weak needs way more rails and a bit redundent on the kickflips, backtails and slow skating

    reloadskater's Emeritar reloadskater Posted:
  22. pretty sweet sons

    sk8newblood's Emeritar sk8newblood Posted:
  23. I agree that was a little slow and repetive, but you have good style. Put in some 3-flips and i'll love the video.

    V3NGE's Emeritar V3NGE Posted:
  24. 3 flips comin right up.. lol well soon enough.... and that f/s flip opener i had consider it done....

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  25. someone send mail to his house abd call his cell lol

    One Man Demo's Emeritar One Man Demo Posted:
  26. nice skatein there, more tre's etc tho

    i-love-emerica's Emeritar i-love-emerica Posted:
  27. in a few years you should be good enough for flow, but for now, just have fun with it

    reppy's Emeritar reppy Posted:
  28. i was kinda siked on it but he skates slow as hell gotta speed it up a little not like cards fast but slow=bad

    niceboysdontplayrocknroll's Emeritar niceboysdontplayrocknroll Posted:
  29. We just reformatted all the sponsor me videos into a more friendly .mov format, now no steps are needed to get them to your ipod, just download & enjoy!

    c00ler's Emeritar c00ler Posted:
  30. Ok not to be harsh or all but how did this video make it up here honestly. I see that he has potential but i mean back tail and backtail shuv as a single trick common thats warm up idk they must of had a shortage of video this month

    ryanspencerphoto's Emeritar ryanspencerphoto Posted:
  31. the only things that i see that need improvement is the redundancy, the speed, and the camerawork (not your fault, but still needs work)

    [samol cela]'s Emeritar [samol cela] Posted:
  32. Hey One Man Demo,
    I get enough calls already, but im getting my number changed soon because of all you haters that keep calling me.. and as for sending mail have fun with that because that is not my shipping address.....

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  33. you need a little more variety of tricks but i really like your style.(and oh yea one man demo how would u like it if all of these random people u dont even know constantly called u and sent u mail all of the time?)

    sbemerican's Emeritar sbemerican Posted:
  34. sbemerican
    quote "(and oh yea one man demo how would u like it if all of these random people u dont even know constantly called u and sent u mail all of the time?)


    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  35. I have skated with Mark before, and he does have a nice style, but the 8 stair he kickflipped is just tall not long or anything! It is an easy stair set, and kickflip is a go to trick on it! And in my video I switch kickflipped it along with a bunch of other tricks, and i think you will be seeing my video in the near future!

    Woody9012's Emeritar Woody9012 Posted:
  36. damn dude, do you jock yourself that much...

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  37. who cares if u switch fliped it u dont have to be an ass about it

    sbemerican's Emeritar sbemerican Posted:
  38. hey this is nick williams and I've skated with mark plenty of times and I gotta let u guys know he's way too overrated, and no offense but he's been skating since 95' which is 11 years!! and I sent that dude some sponsor me footy for a skate shop that he manages and he didn't sponsor me, and i won a best trick comp. that Kelly's(the skate shop he's team manager of) sponsored. I got first and he didnt even place.

    Woody9012's Emeritar Woody9012 Posted:
  39. this is nick again to talk about his video , ok first of all he needs more of a variation of tricks , I all i saw was kickflips and frontside flips, he had only one real handrail and it looked like a seven and was his last trick. I didnt see any switch tricks besides a switch 180 at the plaza. no trey's whatsoever. and he put some lame ass park footy in it. he had good style but thats the only real postive if he's looking to make a career out of skating.

    Woody9012's Emeritar Woody9012 Posted:
  40. i say he is good he also has a nice style but not good enough for emerica but i gotta say that frontsideflip in the beggining was almost like reynolds. the reason why i say he isnt good for emerica is because he has to do higher rails and better tricks on them because some of the rails he did i can do switch. but i think he deserves the shoes and what ever he got.

    xgames198's Emeritar xgames198 Posted:
  41. ok i skate at the plaza just about every day and those handrails are (real handrails)they are just as high as most average handrails so dont say thate he didnt skate any real handrails except one

    sbemerican's Emeritar sbemerican Posted:
  42. hmmm 95 i remember that.. to bad i started skating in junior high which was after hmm lets see 2000.....

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  43. well i think i wanna see your video Woody9012, cause you talk alot of jive but i aint seeing any video that proves you did all anything but be a dick. so upload it onto or and then post the link.

    skatersince04's Emeritar skatersince04 Posted:
  44. He is good.... at those park handrails....

    Umm that 8... why didn't he 3 flip it or something?

    or like... half cab

    he just front 180 and kickfliped it... both 1st try tricks

    and i agree with that Kevin kid....

    skateEmerica's Emeritar skateEmerica Posted:
  45. That website won't even upload my files!

    Woody9012's Emeritar Woody9012 Posted:
  46. Well first off, out of all the people that have been talking about how they can do the stuff he did switch, why are you calling me out? And i wasn't trying to be a dick, i was just saying! And i did what i said i did, i am not a poser, and if you want to see it, try this like out and see if you can see it! The video is called ending session, it is just my tricks down that eight stair, because the website wouldn't upload my whole file!

    Woody9012's Emeritar Woody9012 Posted:
  47. Woody9012's Emeritar Woody9012 Posted:
  48. Ohh, and just fyi, i am goofey and my first trick is switch!

    Woody9012's Emeritar Woody9012 Posted:
  49. dude, if your gonna post a link post it right the first time.. cause the link you used is broken and doesnt work... and as for the shit talkin i really dont care because if you come off with an atiitude like that you wont make it anywhere as well with being cocky... sorry to put it to you but its the truth, attitude is a lot....

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  50. Well, if that doesn't work then go to:

    Members login

    for account name type in: swoelf866

    and for password type in: 4Jui7ZyK

    Then click on log into your account!

    Then under "File Manager" Which is the first thing down, click on "go" which is right next to "Base Directory"

    Scroll down and click on the blue hyperlink "ending session.wmv" and that is me at the courthouse 8 stair!

    Woody9012's Emeritar Woody9012 Posted:
  51. Well, i don't know how to do it. and I had to make a whole page, and att the when i tried ato upload my actual full file, it wouldn't do it for some reason, it would just act like it was load when it wasn't. And i am not cpu smart, idk how to do that stuff!

    Woody9012's Emeritar Woody9012 Posted:
  52. if any of ya'll tard niggaz got beef wit STSC then u guys can come sya it to our face. u know where we be at , in the streets tearing all the spots like we did at courthouse. so u already know mark whats up , we aint talking shit we just keeping it real with everybody. U know how to contact us so its whatever u want it to be.


    Woody9012's Emeritar Woody9012 Posted:
  53. damn, that was good, kinda mob on the switch flip but i couldnt switchflip that shit. and do those plaza handrails even reach your waist? it doesnt look like it, but that feeble was sweet, i like the way he lands all the time, totally surf brah super chill landing, but i thought he should of left out the backtail, that sucked, and he should of gone back and done the fs flip!

    FoxyRabbit's Emeritar FoxyRabbit Posted:
  54. stop bragging nick and iagree that mark needs some more variety but other than that it was awsome. im the cusin of the kid who called

    mayusmandreza's Emeritar mayusmandreza Posted:
  55. mayusmandreza's Emeritar mayusmandreza Posted:
  56. nick sucks .no style .just cuz u can do switch tricks on that 8 doesnt mean ur all that

    mayusmandreza's Emeritar mayusmandreza Posted:
  57. nick sucks .no style .just cuz u can do switch tricks on that 8 doesnt mean ur all that

    mayusmandreza's Emeritar mayusmandreza Posted:
  58. sweet man

    kittenmitten's Emeritar kittenmitten Posted:
  59. I dont got beef with you none of us do. Your just sounding super cocky but whatevs its chill no worries man.

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  60. Hey, just as a clarification, i am Woody, and I am the kid that did the switchflip down the eight, and the other tricks. The other kid Nick, who is the one that has been talking shit is a friend of mine that is on my skate team STSC! And he tried signing up for a name on here, and it never worked, so i told him that if he signed it Nick when he typed something, he could use my name. So all the "Nick" responses are not really mine! But the tricks are, and i already know my style isn't the greatest. I get that alot but mabye i will work into it!

    Woody9012's Emeritar Woody9012 Posted:
  61. And i can't say that Nick was the only one talking shit, because the first post was mine. Well if you have something to say to either of us, could you put "to Nick" or "to Woody" just so we know

    Woody9012's Emeritar Woody9012 Posted:
  62. Mark, here is a straight foward comment that i think could help you with your video!

    In your video, you do three different backtails and two kickflip back noses! And it looks like you have them down.

    So I think that you should go to Ryley High School, South Bend, and skate those benches! You should put the two tricks together in a run. Like backtail shuv, then do something like a pop shuv-it on flat, then at the next bench do a kickflip back nose. I think those tricks alone are vary plain; however, in a run they would be bad ass!

    And one last thing, if you are going to do that then you should probably haul ass. It seems like that is a big issue with your video also!


    Woody9012's Emeritar Woody9012 Posted:
  63. that would be much sweeter if they were in a line togather insted of being alone as two seperate tricks.

    sbemerican's Emeritar sbemerican Posted:
  64. reminds me of corey duffel.. he's pretty good

    emericanidol's Emeritar emericanidol Posted:
  65. i used to know this kid,he used to be a froot booter,but i guess he alright now,but he used to be a gay froot booter.

    bses's Emeritar bses Posted:
  66. hmm who are you and obviously you didnt know me cause i never roller bladed........

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  67. Nando's Emeritar Nando Posted:
  68. where should videos be sent to?
    p.d: i'm spanish, do i automatically have no options to be sponsored by you, as i am not from the USA?

    Nando's Emeritar Nando Posted:
  69. i like to watch his sponsor me video. his style is damn dude.

    kurtemerica's Emeritar kurtemerica Posted:
  70. dude, you responded back to me about emerica coming to rise..haha. but you have some sick style so props to that.

    i read that the eS team came to bloomington a while ago.

    but its cool.


    EmericanKR3W33's Emeritar EmericanKR3W33 Posted:
  71. dude, you responded back to me about emerica coming to rise..haha. but you have some sick style so props to that.

    i read that the eS team came to bloomington a while ago.

    but its cool.


    EmericanKR3W33's Emeritar EmericanKR3W33 Posted:
  72. Hah, mark! I was stoked to see that backlip because all I had was a screenshot from last year or something. Congrats on getting there buddy!

    Richie's Emeritar Richie Posted:
  73. y r u guys givin this dude a hard time? instead of pissin him off go make a sponsor me video so u can get turned down. lol. This guy made it on the site which clearly means he is superior to all of us, so he really doesn't "suck"

    P.S. R u sponsored by a local shop?

    xPISS DRUNKx's Emeritar xPISS DRUNKx Posted:
  74. nice tape. your flick is nice. i should really submit my tape, and so should lots of other people off the EMB

    FrontsideFlip's Emeritar FrontsideFlip Posted:
  75. his style was alright although i thought some of the tricks were kinda small

    molnar's Emeritar molnar Posted:
  76. Hey man, Kyle Hannon is better than you are.

    shredder's Emeritar shredder Posted:
  77. shredder's Emeritar shredder Posted:
  78. The tricks are weak

    shredder's Emeritar shredder Posted:
  79. you are good but the only thing that bothers me about your video is in one part you wear an Atalanta hat and you live in indiana so why are you represnting A-town when you dont even live here

    ipathsarebetterthanemericas1's Emeritar ipathsarebetterthanemericas1 Posted:
  80. atl love

    molnar's Emeritar molnar Posted:
  81. I've always been a braves fan as well as my father so yeah thats why i have a few of them....

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  82. He should do more fliptricks, mix it up. But otherwise, he's pretty good

    Emerica1010's Emeritar Emerica1010 Posted:
  83. Heres my reveiw: Mark seems like the total kid that would be rockin the foundation board, Emerica shoes, and kr3w jeans. He is a good skateboarder, he just needs to go a little bit faster, and skate a bigger things. I not saying the stuff in his tape was small its just that I think that he could have gone a lot bigger.......I think that they also should have edited all of his personal information out of the video.

    alec303's Emeritar alec303 Posted:
  84. You are pretty good but... you need to a little faster in some of your tricks otherwise it doesnt seem that you are really comfortable on your skateboard.

    EmericaStar's Emeritar EmericaStar Posted:
  85. well thats cool i was just confused as to why you would wear an atlanta hat and not even live here

    ipathsarebetterthanemericas1's Emeritar ipathsarebetterthanemericas1 Posted:
  86. yeayea i catch what your sayin, no worries though man..

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  87. dude plain and simple some many people that arnt even flow could put that part together in one day. Thats pretty lame that this video made it up here.

    ryanspencerphoto's Emeritar ryanspencerphoto Posted:
  88. i liked this video, and this guy had some pretty nice shit, but he skates soooo slooooow!
    i liked this video, but look at last months!!
    D. Allen skated fast and hard as hell
    if he blazed that shit it would be 400% better
    altogether it was pretty damn good, though...

    emericask8er07's Emeritar emericask8er07 Posted:
  89. arrrrhhhggg how do i post my video??

    oh yeah im supposed to comment mark...

    more of a "vans" kind of skater i would say. what do i mean by that? well it involves slow riding, lack of tricks. and combinations altogether and a "too laid back personality."

    when I see an emerica rider..i think "IIIIIIIIIIIIINNNSANE!"

    ebbewicka's Emeritar ebbewicka Posted:
  90. how would you know my personality?.... lol not hatin man just curious.. but all in all i know my video wasnt my best and their criticism wil only make me do better.. even if i was put on here or not..

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  91. calm down Mr.D for i was only judging you videowise.
    See when you send your video, you're not only sending a sneak peek to your skating skills; which im sure you've plenty of, but you're also portraying you're personality on four wheels. and this video...well its just doesnt have that certain spunk trademark we know and love to see in Emerica pro videos.
    peace out Mr. coolio.

    ebbewicka's Emeritar ebbewicka Posted:
  92. Sick vid, Nice bs crook down the rail at the end

    aciremE's Emeritar aciremE Posted:
  93. what is the name of that song in you sponsor me video..the ramones but what is the name of the song..and cool sponsor me video

    lanie's Emeritar lanie Posted:
  94. its I wanna Live by The Ramones

    Destructor's Emeritar Destructor Posted:
  95. indianna seems like a good place to skate, but southern cali beats that shit any time.

    SK8DESTROYER's Emeritar SK8DESTROYER Posted:
  96. this foo is pretty dope. all he needs is variety and needs to have a faster pace cause that shit was making fall asleep. zzzzzzzz.......

    SK8DESTROYER's Emeritar SK8DESTROYER Posted:
  97. this foo is pretty dope. all he needs is variety and needs to have a faster pace cause that shit was making fall asleep. zzzzzzzz.......

    SK8DESTROYER's Emeritar SK8DESTROYER Posted:
  98. i was in shock that this video won this month..i mean yeah we all gotta start somewhere but this guy has a lot of work to do

    ahahahahah1's Emeritar ahahahahah1 Posted:
  99. oh and all i think of when watching is garrett hill as a little kid

    ahahahahah1's Emeritar ahahahahah1 Posted:
  100. wery god - your are killer
    how old are you and how much do you skate

    opiljek's Emeritar opiljek Posted:
  101. That was sick at the end but, I think you need a little more than that like 360 flips, Heelflips, Nollie flips, 360 etc. But, It was still sick. Man your still good

    EsMkEaRtIeCrA's Emeritar EsMkEaRtIeCrA Posted:
  102. dude this is from someone who knos him persoally lol u kno wat i mean mark this is nate but ne way i loved that bs tail slide to a shovit out i think thts wat it is o well it was the shizz

    emericarocks12's Emeritar emericarocks12 Posted:
  103. dude who the fuck cares what kinda of hat he wears im from oklahoma, we dont have a pro sport in my state so i wear any hat i feel like and quit hatin on Mark i think he did alright

    bryarrrrrrrrrr's Emeritar bryarrrrrrrrrr Posted:
  104. not enough speed... good vid though

    theemerican's Emeritar theemerican Posted:
  105. um im from yukon, oklahoma and for the time being we do have a pro basketball team. and his part was sick!

    pissdrunx13's Emeritar pissdrunx13 Posted:
  106. i dont care that he wears atlanta stuff i just didnt understand why he did but now i do

    ipathsarebetterthanemericas1's Emeritar ipathsarebetterthanemericas1 Posted:
  107. the kickflip down the 8 was sick. just speed up on the tailslides a bit.

    RpissAdrunxM's Emeritar RpissAdrunxM Posted:
  108. that was the best video ive seen from here all day....keep skating. i think you should go out for smaller companies first though and then build up from there.

    StayGold's Emeritar StayGold Posted:
  109. i think you are pretty good. just a little faster. i liked the opener and the closer

    bakerskater65's Emeritar bakerskater65 Posted:
  110. got some good footage, yes...

    need more trick variety though...and style, i dont know...gota work on it. It seems to me like anyone who wears tight pants has the same old style, and its tiring to watch over and over.

    Besides that really, you had some good stuff in there...need alot of work to be sponsored by emerica, but got some goods

    skaterwithfaith's Emeritar skaterwithfaith Posted:
  111. Haha..Sweet BS Feebs and Overcrook on that rail. Who cares about 360 flips. Do them switch.

    StlThrash's Emeritar StlThrash Posted:

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