Herman Shoe Almost Here!

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The long wait is almost over! Very soon, on March 1, 2006, you'll be able to head into your local skate shop, lay your hard-earned bucks down on the counter and walk away with a glistening new pair of Bryan Herman's first-ever pro model shoe, the Herman by Emerica. Scope the snazzy colorways in the updated Emerica Spring 2006 product flyer.

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(61) responses to: Herman Shoe Almost Here!

  1. Those shoes are ill!!

    taylorDhall's Emeritar taylorDhall Posted:
  2. they are pretty sick

    skatesd's Emeritar skatesd Posted:
  3. tiiiiiiiiight

    bakernoodles's Emeritar bakernoodles Posted:
  4. tight shit!

    SHS's Emeritar SHS Posted:
  5. i get my braces off march 1! then my b-day is march 3rd

    xPISS DRUNKx's Emeritar xPISS DRUNKx Posted:
  6. awesome, those shoes are hot

    airwalk's Emeritar airwalk Posted:
  7. Not bad...not fond of the green...but I'm due for new shoes. Maybe I can hold out till March...yeah right.

    gabebauman's Emeritar gabebauman Posted:
  8. are they going to come out with other colors?

    Dion's Emeritar Dion Posted:
  9. those are doodoo, they look like someone hammered nails into

    asdfasdfasdfasdf's Emeritar asdfasdfasdfasdf Posted:
  10. Sauber! Endlich mal bekommt Herman die Ehre die ihm geb├╝hrt! :-D

    emericana's Emeritar emericana Posted:
  11. those shoes are very nice

    silentskater's Emeritar silentskater Posted:
  12. their cool. i wonder how they skate. i cant skate puffy shoes. if their like the ksl1s or the reynolds 2s or 3s then im in luck.

    laika's Emeritar laika Posted:
  13. laika's Emeritar laika Posted:
  14. They look alright. Supra's still better.

    G Dubbs's Emeritar G Dubbs Posted:
  15. those r so sick im gonna get me a pair for my birthday which is the day before they come out hopefully i can wait that long

    emerica0228's Emeritar emerica0228 Posted:
  16. they look like they were skated and then patched back together...they're cool though

    persondude's Emeritar persondude Posted:
  17. those are gay.

    guyya's Emeritar guyya Posted:
  18. I think the old ellingtons are still better

    Quaroon's Emeritar Quaroon Posted:
  19. some of the new colorways are cool, but i dont think the hermans are anything special. im not really feelin em.

    miles's Emeritar miles Posted:
  20. they are pretty tight. I just got the Francis in Marron/White. I think i goin to pre-order some Supra shoes from Check um out!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rokfish91's Emeritar rokfish91 Posted:
  21. i dont know why the hell you think they are gay. i am in love with them and i will get me a pair in that same color

    StreetLife's Emeritar StreetLife Posted:
  22. the herman's are awesome!! i'm gettin the brown ones!! emerica sk8 (f) life

    youngemerican's Emeritar youngemerican Posted:
  23. Je ne le connais pas.

    vices 's Emeritar vices Posted:
  24. i like those im gonna get me a pair

    Bakerskate8819's Emeritar Bakerskate8819 Posted:
  25. these shoes look kinda nice need some more color ways

    brokeemerican's Emeritar brokeemerican Posted:
  26. im gonna get some of those baby's!

    i-love-emerica's Emeritar i-love-emerica Posted:
  27. yeah, there are awesome. i was just being cool and saying they were gay...

    guyya's Emeritar guyya Posted:
  28. man the hermans r sick what the hell is wrong with u people saying there gay what shoes do u like?

    Dion's Emeritar Dion Posted:
  29. Can't friggin wait..Emerica has yet to fail me! Best skate shoes out there

    Broseph's Emeritar Broseph Posted:
  30. Can't friggin wait..Emerica has yet to fail me! Best skate shoes out there

    Broseph's Emeritar Broseph Posted:
  31. yay herman shoes!!!

    [samol cela]'s Emeritar [samol cela] Posted:

    it kinda looks like SAARI's shows in a way, but wat ever its a pretty chill shoe..........

    VanDangular1990's Emeritar VanDangular1990 Posted:

    it kinda looks like SAARI's shows in a way, but wat ever its a pretty chill shoe..........

    VanDangular1990's Emeritar VanDangular1990 Posted:
  34. im so pumped im waitin till 200 am for the shop to open so i can get some or ill pre order them

    brokenboardsforever's Emeritar brokenboardsforever Posted:
  35. its about time...........

    these are sick shoes..........

    but they kinda look like SAARI's shoes

    but what ever it is i like it!

    VanDangular1990's Emeritar VanDangular1990 Posted:
  36. those shoes kick ass. i wanna pair so bad, but i got to finish off my reynolds 3's first.

    woolymastadon21's Emeritar woolymastadon21 Posted:
  37. they look like elligton 2's and that's SICK

    chrisk8's Emeritar chrisk8 Posted:
  38. i no im getting them

    dantheman's Emeritar dantheman Posted:
  39. They look awesome, really. Great design, I love'em.

    madsk8er278's Emeritar madsk8er278 Posted:
  40. i think i might get a pair

    borninemerica's Emeritar borninemerica Posted:
  41. I just went to, and they all ready have the hermans, i looked at em up close,they have them in black grey blue, green black grey,and brown ,tan im getting a pair

    borninemerica's Emeritar borninemerica Posted:
  42. yeah. i like this colorway. these are what ill get. ill order em next week. my reynolds 3s are losing grip and fast. ive got two ls of lost grip. they need a black leather/white sole colorway. id own em in a heart beat. or red and white.

    laika's Emeritar laika Posted:
  43. sweet

    baker3reynolds13's Emeritar baker3reynolds13 Posted:
  44. there very nigerly


    micheal's Emeritar micheal Posted:
  45. dude those are sick!!!im so gettin those

    conk's Emeritar conk Posted:
  46. those are gonna be SICK!!!

    Boston's Emeritar Boston Posted:
  47. yeah got them all they sick ! herman !!! tre bombs get them people you'll be tre bombing like a pro not just any but herms.

    HIGHFIVEKR3W's Emeritar HIGHFIVEKR3W Posted:
  48. those look like mud-butt

    asdfasdfasdfasdf's Emeritar asdfasdfasdfasdf Posted:
  49. I need those. I think I'm gonna die if I don't.

    Randalleo's Emeritar Randalleo Posted:
  50. Ive gotta get me some o those but not that colorway makem in all black, bryan

    emerica303's Emeritar emerica303 Posted:
  51. i hav to get thosein red

    applepieskater's Emeritar applepieskater Posted:
  52. get the mcallys they are ill to th max

    xXrideipathXx's Emeritar xXrideipathXx Posted:
  53. they quite good

    markous's Emeritar markous Posted:
  54. them shoes are friggin' awesome. i just ordered a pair

    sk8board's Emeritar sk8board Posted:
  55. I call the Black/White/Greens!!!

    mongopolice's Emeritar mongopolice Posted:
  56. i ordered the brown ones!! they're awesome!!

    youngemerican's Emeritar youngemerican Posted:
  57. damn man, some people are getting all fuckin worked up about if they're just shoes! yeah they're cool but if you wannu see some nice ass shoes look at the first ellingtons. those are some fuckin nice ass shoes.

    SK8DESTROYER's Emeritar SK8DESTROYER Posted:
  58. those shoes are ripped!

    hutton's Emeritar hutton Posted:
  59. tommorow people herms yes !!!! lol... yes it's alive !!!!!! mu ha ha a !!!

    HIGHFIVEKR3W's Emeritar HIGHFIVEKR3W Posted:
  60. Shoes out today mad pumped my shoes are thrashed maybe ill get them

    aciremE's Emeritar aciremE Posted:

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