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The Sole Technology Institute, also known as STI, is the world's first and only biomechanics research organization dedicated to the study of skateboarding. What the hell is biomechanics? That's just a fancy word for how we measure all of the stress your body goes through while jumping off huge objects during everyday skateboarding.

We even have a big lab full of stuff like handrails, flat bars and mini-ramps surrounded by sensitive measuring instruments. Why? So we can have fun goofing off at lunch, of course. Just kidding. Really, it's to test and develop new technologies to make the highest performing skateboarding footwear around--shoes that improve the performance of, reduce the risk of injury to, and increase the longevity and enjoyment of skateboarders everywhere.

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(36) responses to: About STI

  1. STI really works.No heel bruises. Its amazing. yeah

    Emerica Lover 1's Emeritar Emerica Lover 1 Posted:
  2. werd it helps me out alot and it is way better than EVA. i wonder how "SupraFoam" is gunna be...

    iwanttompennystyle's Emeritar iwanttompennystyle Posted:
  3. yeah its mad better than EVA

    brownman's Emeritar brownman Posted:
  4. "HECK YA" these STI's really work It's More comforting and when your skating drops your feet don't take such a beating.

    EsMkEaRtIeCrA's Emeritar EsMkEaRtIeCrA Posted:
  5. yeayeyayeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeey

    emerica374's Emeritar emerica374 Posted:
  6. i love it

    seetounderstand's Emeritar seetounderstand Posted:
  7. i think that abc system is better than g2 and other. i got the reynolds1 and no injure ever and it feels like walkin on clouds

    F'M'B's Emeritar F'M'B Posted:
  8. shut the fuck up all of you, you have no idea what you're talking about

    chalaybrown's Emeritar chalaybrown Posted:
  9. Shit, this stuff(G2) kicks ass. They should put really thick heel and ball-of-foot gel pads in the soles. It would fuckn' RULE for the huge drops. It could be like an air bag, but it couldn't break and fill with water and mud and shit!!!!

    cartainopietro's Emeritar cartainopietro Posted:
  10. I also want to say thanks to everybody that works for Emerica and STI. It is so cool of them to use that much time to help US. Well, it must really rule getting to skate in prototype shoes all day while doing what you love. And to top it all off, THEY GET FUCKN' PAYED TO DO IT!!!

    cartainopietro's Emeritar cartainopietro Posted:
  11. i dont know if any of this shit is in reynolds 3's but it should, these babies hurt if you dont land on you board from somehting big

    taylor's Emeritar taylor Posted:
  12. ..who agrees?

    taylor's Emeritar taylor Posted:
  13. I DO!!!

    cartainopietro's Emeritar cartainopietro Posted:
  14. Good point pietro.

    leoromero5's Emeritar leoromero5 Posted:
  15. But u wouldnt be able to feel ur board ant that helps damn good 4 kickflips and tres.Im gettin bryans new shoes but ive got a pair of nike zoom air e-cues rite now the nike delta forces r pretty good.U no WAT? i just thought of this.Nike should make shox for skateboarding that would be DOPE but emerica is still better

    leoromero5's Emeritar leoromero5 Posted:
  16. Peitros cool lets be online freinds p.s. check out hte response i put on da bryan herman wallpaper wen u asked if ndbody watches this is skateboarding

    leoromero5's Emeritar leoromero5 Posted:
  17. i got heel bruises, im in reynolds 3...

    cool's Emeritar cool Posted:
  18. yeah, but i think VANS WAFLE SOLE beats the g2 nonsense.

    brendan's Emeritar brendan Posted:
  19. Shit's extreme. but I'm not too big of a fan of the g202 just cause I can't really feel anything. I vote Emerica makes a vulc shoe with full-length straight-up g3 and no airbag. That would be tight.

    jerseykicks's Emeritar jerseykicks Posted:
  20. i don't hame feet!!! fuck you holleywood high!!!!!

    joe whitt's Emeritar joe whitt Posted:
  21. heel bruises....hell ya.....buttery landings.

    joepro's Emeritar joepro Posted:
  22. Dude i got the reynolds 3 and there hella of a tight shoes.=))))))!

    chrispatraw01's Emeritar chrispatraw01 Posted:
  23. I'd like to skate there!

    Spankster's Emeritar Spankster Posted:
  24. emericas sick but so far i like the airbag in the prod 1s the best
    the downside to it is it can break

    skatebaker's Emeritar skatebaker Posted:
  25. I alway like HUGE stairs so it works 4 me

    Shawhatawhoa?'s Emeritar Shawhatawhoa? Posted:
  26. got the don and those are the most comfortable shoes I ever had

    Skatemerican's Emeritar Skatemerican Posted:
  27. yea i had the fat laced and the heritics and those are too comfortable but the g2 system is so comfortable no heel bruises

    skateemerica90's Emeritar skateemerica90 Posted:
  28. cool

    moisesrocha's Emeritar moisesrocha Posted:
  29. sti is i think the most comfortable thing i have ever felt

    funereal69's Emeritar funereal69 Posted:
  30. sti is helluh legit= bryan herman 2's

    ichose2skate's Emeritar ichose2skate Posted:
  31. Reynolds 3's suck kinda.The kirchart sdk is the way to go

    Todd's Emeritar Todd Posted:
  32. The Jinx are sooo sick got hardflips on lock now

    niggabeats's Emeritar niggabeats Posted:
  33. The STI shit is beastly. Ride in Hsus, and I only get heel bruises from landing on the wheel nuts.
    Hurts super bad when you have that happen to you when you flip trick a gap.

    mikeywuzhherez77's Emeritar mikeywuzhherez77 Posted:
  34. this stuff really works.
    STI so good.
    it makes difference.

    Armin Halvadzic's Emeritar Armin Halvadzic Posted:
  35. supra foam sucks. the shoe itself is fine, just the sole sucks

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:
  36. bro you cant feel ay primo with the new STi insoles. and the G2 definitly works no lie. and then go on their website and look at the thing they use for toe caps, i think its in the hsus that stuff lasts forever

    whitelightning16's Emeritar whitelightning16 Posted:

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